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Offgridtec© 12V Autarkic XL-Master 300W Solar System - 1500W AC Output 12V 230V

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The Autarkic XL-Master 300 belongs to the bigger systems out of the Autarkic-series and provides everything you need to run small 12V and 230V consumers.


  • average daily output during summer: 1200Wh
  • battery capacity (at 50% SOC): 960Wh (expandable) 
  • connectivity: 12V DC, 230V AC (50Hz), 5V USB


  • up to 1 x 100W solar module in 12V-mode
  • up to 4 x 100W solar modules in 24V-mode
  • battery system can be expanded freely

Power supply / Connectivity:

  • 230V AC 50Hz 300W socket at sine inverter
  • 12V DC output up to 30A at charge controller
  • 12V DC directly at battery


  • 2 years on sine inverter
  • 2 years on Steca charge controller
  • 3 years on Offgridtec AGM battery
  • 10 years on Offgridtec module connection cable
  • 15 years on Offgridtec battery connection cable
  • 20 years on 80% of the solar panel's nominal output


  • 3 x Offgridtec 100Wp 12V solar panels
  • 1 x Steca PR 3030 solar charge controller 30A (system can be expanded by two 100Wp modules in 12V-mode)
  • 1 x Solartronics sine inverter 1500W 12V to 230V with type-F socket
  • 1 x Offgridtec 12V AGM battery 154Ah (maintenance-free, lasts up to 10 years)
  • 1 x 8m professional module-to-controller connection cable with fitting plugs (plug & play)
  • 1 x proffesional battery connection cable with 30A-fuse (plug & play)
  • 4 x 50cm MC4 connection cable
  • 2 x MC4-Y-connector pair

Depending on availability the inverter’s case color is blue or gold.
Technical specifications stay the same.

Also included: Offgridtec Premium Service Package

  • In case of a defective electronical device (charge controller or inverter) we will send the product back to the manufacturer to have it repaired. In the meantime we provide you with a free replacement device. Normally this service is not needed but in case of a defect the ongoing operation of your system is safe.
  • Free phone-support for the Offgridtec Solar Package

Are there any questions or individual requirements feel free to contact us:

+ 49 (0) 8721 9829740

data sheet

SKU 4-01-002675
Manufacturer's Unit Number 002675
Availability Date Jul 17, 2018
Product Type Solarstromsystem
Manufacturer Offgridtec
System Performance 300W (erweiterbar)
System Voltage 12V DC
Constant AC-performance 1500 W
Dimensions Module 1200mm x 540mm x 35mm
Load Current max. 30A
Battery Capacity (50% SOC) 960Wh
Cell Type monokristallin
USB Output 1 x 5V USB Ausgang
Included Voltage Inverter Solartronics Sinus 1500W Spannungswandler 12V/230V
Included Accessories 55098,55100,55099,55101
Max. AC-performance 1500W
Included Charge Controller Steca PR 3030
Included Battery Offgridtec© 154Ah / 12V AGM Solar Batterie
Socket 2 Schukosteckdosen
Battery Type AGM-Batterie
Max. Current (Imp) 5,62A
Peak Performance 3000 W mind. 20 ms für Anlauf- bzw. Kaltströme
Average Daily Output 1200Wh (erweiterbar)
Capacity at HR10 (C10) 150 Ah (15A,1.75V)
Capacity at HR20 (C20) 154 Ah (7.7A,1.75V)
Module Voltage (Vmp) 17,8V
Connectivity 12V DC, 5V USB und 230V Verbraucher (Steckdose)
No-Load Voltage (Voc) 22,3V
Short-Circuit Current (ISC) 6,07A
EAN 4260297853635

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