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140W 12V MPPT Caravan Complete Set with EBL-Option

sku: 4-01-005450

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This solar set for autarkic power supply in caravans leaves nothing to be desired. Innovative Mpp-Dual charge controller technology combined with a high-efficient Offgridtec 150W SP-Ultra 24 High-End Solar Module
guarantees a very high energy output. This system is especially designed for caravans and includes everything - except batteries - for installation and operation. The charge controller also allows the
connection to the caravan's Schaudt-EBL (EBL-connection-cable needed). All components in this set meet highest demands.

Special features:
The solar-generator is a high-end solar module with American Sunpower back-contact cells. The degree of effectiveness (>20%) is much above average.
The included modules out of the SPR-series are much smaller than common modules with the same performance.
Dual-Charging-Technology made in Germany allows the the charging of on-board and starter battery at the same time.
MPP-Tracker: Maximum Power Point Tracking ensures the highest possible output
EBL-option: can be operated on a Schaudt-EBL or directly on up to 2 different battery cycles

Daily output:
Average output during summer (May - October): 520Wh daily (measured in the north of Germany - more output can be expected in the south)

Our Solar-Mobil-line provides high-quality components at a fair price. Simply compare the item prices of the included products.

1 x Offgridtec 150W SP-ULtra 24V High-End Solar Panel
1 x Votronic MPP 165 Duo Digital Solar Charge Controller
1 x Votronic LCD Solar Computer S
1 x cable entry black
1 x roof-spoiler set black
1 x 8m solar cable (2x6mm²) - plug & play
1 x 1,5m battery cable with fuse and EBL-connection-cable
1 x Mounting-Glue Set with needed accessories to prepare your roof
1 x MC4-Y connector pair

With this set you have everything to charge your batteries. Our special mounting system is and can easily be glued on your caravan's roof. If you have to reach the surface beneath the module it can be screwed off the mounting-spoilers at any time. All our sets can be expanded by modules of the same performance class.

The critical spot of the mounting system is the cableentry through your roof. We use the same high-quality material as we do for the mounting-spoilers and is also attached with Mounting-glue. The cable entry is absolutly waterproof and lasts for many years.

Our Solar-Mobil-line provides high-quality components at a fair price. Simply compare the item prices of the included products.

Offgridtec 150W SP-Ultra 12V Solar Module
Monocrystalline 150W / 12V high-end solar panel with back-contacted high-power solar cells produced by Sunpower - a high-quality product with an efficiency of 21%.
The world's best solar cells meet with the new Back-Contact process. The outcome is a high-end product at an adequate price.
We made sure that the other components match the these special solar cells. This panel is lighter and has a smaller surface  than common panels with the same performance.
Additionally the SP-line's light conversion rate is much higher compared to the mono-line - even during shady periods.

Technical data:
Performance (Pmax): 150W
Voltage (Vmpp): 23.2V
Max. current (Impp): 6.47A
No-load voltage (Voc):  27.38V
Short-circuit current (Isc): 6.98A
Ambient temperature: -40...+85°C
Max. system voltage: 1000V DC
Dimensions: 1440 x 540 x 35mm
Weight: 12.0kg

Votronic MPP 165 Duo Digital Solar Charge Controller
Controllers according to the MPP technology are continuously and automatically calculating the maximum power yield (MPP) of the solar modules several times per minute.
The voltage surplus of the solar module will be transformed to a higher charging current for the battery (realised by high-frequency switching controller technology with high efficiency).
This surplus of charging current ensures short charging times and the best possible power yield of the solar system.

  • Main Charging Port I: Automatic charging and conservation of charge of the (main) board supply battery
  • Auxiliary Charging Port II: Current and voltage reduced for recharging as well as trickle charge of the vehicle’s starter battery, thus ensuring continuous starting capacity
  • Continuous control, full batteries by immediate recharging in case of current consumption
  • Automatic charging programs adjustable for gel, acid/lead-acid and AGM/fleece batteries for optimum charging results
  • Indicators for operating state "Full", "Charging", "MPP" and "Low Voltage"
  • Very low own electricity consumption, high efficiency

LCD Solar Computer S
This computer measures and displays all values to improve the control and surveillance of your solar system. The currently produced solar energy is displayed as bar chart for a quick check up.
The display has background lighting so all data can also be read from greater distance and bad illumination.

Roof-spoiler Mounting Kit
Spoiler profiles are the first choice when it comes to proper attachment of solar modules on caravans. Aligned in driving direction wind noises are no problem, even on
caravans with an alcove. Thanks to the spoiler's closed design branches can not get under the module.

The Bonding
A proper adhesion is superior to every screw connection. On a lacquered surface or on fiberglass a tractive power of more than 4 N/mm2 can be reached, a value that could not be reached with screws in a very thin aluminum or fiberglass sheet. Even for amateurs it is possible to make a perfectly firm connection between spoilers and surface.


Cable Set
You don't have to buy extra tools for the MC4-plugs in this set as all necessary cables are already crimped. The comes with a length of 8m and consists of 2x4mm²-wires.

Double Cable Entry
Cable entries that lead cables into the your caravan are always a most critical spot as they have to be absolutely waterproof for years. Even the smallest water inlet can cause
irreparable damage especially where humidity is not easily noticed. To avoid such problems cable entries were developed:

The cable entries are made of the same UV- and corrosion resistant material as the mounting profiles you find in our shop. They are very robust and absolutely treadable. The broad adhesive edge keeps it waterproof. They are also attached with Sikaflex-glue and can be painted in a color fitting the vehicle.

data sheet

SKU 4-01-005450
Manufacturer's Unit Number 005450
Availability Date Jun 22, 2020
Product Type Solarstromsystem
Manufacturer Offgridtec
System Voltage 12V DC
Generator Performance (Wp) 140W
Dimensions Module 1440mm x 540mm x 35mm
Output Voltage (V) 12V DC
Included Accessories 55112,55121,55113,55105,55120,55122
Included Charge Controller Votronic MPP 165 Duo Digital 10A 12V
Max. Current Solar Module 10A
Connectivity 12V/DC
EAN 4250983248036

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