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Beko Gecko Hybrid Pop (mpn 2453103) is a flexible 1-component adhesive & sealant. No fixing of the parts to be joined is necessary during processing, the bond can be corrected for approx. 20 minutes. Gecko Hybrid can be overpainted "wet in wet" and processed under water. Bonded sheets can be powder coated because of the good temperature resistance. The adhesive and sealant is suitable for a wide range of applications. The technical data can be found in the data sheet in the "Downloads" section.

Areas of application

  • Sealing and tension-free combination bonding in vehicle, body and container construction
  • Applications in the food industry
  • Vibration-resistant attachment of signs and lettering
  • Bonding of insulating materials
  • Natural stone bonding
  • Mirror bonding
  • Assembly of photovoltaic systems


  • Professional quality
  • Very high initial adhesion
  • Wide adhesion spectrum
  • Very good smoothness, odorless, non-toxic
  • can be painted over (except alkyd resin paints), paint compatible
  • Resistant to weathering, aging and UV radiation, moisture curing
  • Solvent & silicone free, isocyanate and halogen free
  • Suitable for food, compatible with natural stone, almost no shrinkage

Areas of application

  • Installation trade
  • Concrete construction and building trade
  • Bodywork and vehicle construction
  • Caravan and container construction
  • Industry
  • GaLa construction, glazieries


Beko Apply Gecko Hybrid pop with a standard cartridge press to the parts to be bonded and join them together. The bond holds immediately. The positioning of the components can be adjusted for 20 minutes. To achieve optimum results, the bonding surfaces must be load-bearing and free of dust and grease. If necessary, clean with beko Allclean. When processing beko Gecko Hybrid pop, do not allow the surface temperature to fall below +5° c. For optimum joint dimensioning, observe IVD Leaflet No. 27, Section 8.1. To prevent three-sided adhesion, beko backfill material should be used. beko Gecko Hybrid pop is paint-compatible and can be painted over with most paints (preliminary tests recommended).

Scope of delivery:

1x Beko Gecko Hybrid Pop 310ml cartridge gray

Beko_Gecko_Hybrid_Pop_Leistungserklaerung.pdf Download
Beko_Gecko_Hybrid_Pop_Broschuere.pdf Download
Beko_Gecko_Hybrid_Pop_Sicherheitsdatenblatt.pdf Download
Manufacturer: Beko
Weight: 0,6kg
ean: 4036421245030
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