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Beko Tackcon Superflex (mpn 240 310 2) is a flexible high-tech adhesive. It can be processed with standard cartridge presses, and the adhesive can be smoothed with Beko smoothing agent. It combines sealing and bonding, reacts with moisture and cures quickly. The adhesive and sealant is suitable for a wide range of applications. The technical data can be taken from the data sheet in the "Downloads" section.

Areas of application

  • For exterior and building construction joints
  • Connection joints in concrete construction
  • Structural bonding of wood
  • Combination bonding with metals, ceramics, mirrors, stone, plastics, wood strips, decorative panels, concrete, etc.
  • Shipbuilding


  • Marine approved
  • Single-component
  • Wide adhesion spectrum
  • Bonding permanently elastic, vibration resistant, impact resistant
  • paintable, conditionally grindable, non-corrosive
  • Compatible with natural stone, uv-, weather- and aging-resistant
  • Excellent water and salt spray resistance, high tear resistance
  • Good chemical resistance, silicone free, bacteria resistant

Areas of application

  • Wood and metal construction
  • Air conditioning and ventilation construction
  • Car body and vehicle construction
  • Caravan, ship and container construction
  • Construction and interior finishing
  • Winter garden construction


The surfaces to be bonded must be free of grease, clean and load-bearing. If necessary, clean with beko Allclean. beko Tackcon cures without foaming to form a permanently elastic compound that can be sanded to a limited extent. Bonding on slightly damp substrates is possible. Depending on the requirements of the materials to be bonded, the substrate should be prepared with regard to moisture. A slightly moistened surface leads to an acceleration of the curing or shortening of the open time. If the expected load requires a high degree of tensile strength, a surface that is as dry as possible should be selected so that the adhesive has sufficient time to penetrate the surface structure of the materials to be bonded. The adhesive should then be applied as thinly as possible on both sides. Before joining the parts, the applied adhesive can be slightly moistened (spray mist 20 g/m²) to accelerate curing. For surface bonding, apply the adhesive in a serpentine pattern to achieve optimum distribution of the adhesive. Joints can be re-smoothed with beko smoothing agent.

Scope of delivery:

1x Beko Tackcon 310ml Superflex cartridge black

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Manufacturer: Beko
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