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Dekalin 6257812 DEKAvator 30 ml bottle, primer

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Dekavator from Dekalin is an adhesion promoter that improves the adhesion of various Dekalin products based on MS polymer, such as Dekasyl, on closed surfaces. For substrates with a low surface tension (mostly plastics) or if the composition of the substrate is not known, it is advisable to use the Dekavator adhesive activator. It ensures permanent bonding and prevents moisture from penetrating outside. The decavator improves the bondability because it acts as a chemical bridge between the part to be joined and the adhesive.


For pre-treatment of:

  • Aluminium, steel, copper and brass
  • Lacquered metal (the compatibility of the solvent with the substrate should be checked beforehand)
  • (ceramic coated) glass
  • Polyester (GFK)
  • ABS und PVC


  • Improves adhesion and cleansing
  • Quick dry, Flash-off time 5 minutes
  • Easy to use
  • Economical consumption


The substrates should be clean, dry and free of dust and grease. The packaging should remain tightly closed until use. Dekavator can be used straight from the original packaging, provided that dirt and viscosity increase are prevented. The color should be transparent (if the color is milky, the product can no longer be used). It should be prevented that the Dekavator comes into contact with water until the product has hardened. It is therefore recommended to make two openings in the top of the can in the aluminum seal (if possible, depending on the can). Close the can immediately after use. Apply the Dekavator in a thin layer. Rub the surface vigorously with a clean, color-free cloth dampened with a decavator. After a drying time of about 5 minutes (the solvent should be completely flashed off; the lower the temperature, the longer the drying time), the adhesive / sealant can be applied. The best adhesion is achieved if the adhesive / sealant is applied within 4 hours after the Dekavator has dried. Therefore, only as much should be pretreated as can be sealed / glued within 4 hours. Avoid touching the pretreated surfaces, as the grease film on the fingers can lead to poor adhesion. Note 1: Due to its incompatibility with paints, Dekavator should not be applied to areas that are to be painted afterwards. In this case, a stencil or masking tape should be used to apply the Dekavator only in the area of the bonding / sealing (however, it is possible to simply remove residues of the Dekavator with, for example, isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or acetone). Note 2: If the surface is very dirty beforehand with e.g. IPA or acetone can be cleaned. It is recommended to test the compatibility of the surface with this cleaner in advance. 

Technical specifications:

  • Solid content: ca. 8%
  • Specific density (20°C): ca. 0,76 kg/Liter)
  • Flash point: ca. 9°C
  • Drying time (20°C/50% R.H.): ca. 5 Minuten
  • Color: transparent
  • Packing size: 30ml aluminium can
  • Consumption: ca. 20m² / Liter
  • Storage temperature: +5°C - +30°C
  • Storage: unopened up to 12 months

Scope of delivery:

1x Dekalin Dekavator 30ml

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SKU 8-01-007635
Manufacturer's Unit Number 6257812
Manufacturer Dekalin
EAN 4046085625789

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