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Solar Charge Controller Sum It MPPT 20 12V 20A

sku: 1-02-003025

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The Sum It Duo Charge Controller was developed to charge two batteries.
While charging the controller ensures a constant voltage of 12V even during periods with higher engery input.
This makes the whole system much more efficient.

Even modules, which are not espcially designed for offgrid applications, can be used with it.

The starter battery is charged when the interior battery reaches a higher charging level.
The starter battery's max. loading current is 1,5A.

Important features:

  • max. charging current:20A
  • max. module current: 11,7A
  • dual charge controller for 2 batteries: starter and interior
  • MPP-tracking (can handle higher module voltages)
  • suitable for AGM-batteries

data sheet

SKU 1-02-003025
Manufacturer's Unit Number 321224
Manufacturer Phaesun
Charge Controller Type Dual-MPPT
System Voltage 12V DC
Battery Voltage max. 9,5-16V
Protection IP IP20
Max. Performance Solar Module 200W
Charging Current max. 20A
Max. Voltage Solar Module 28V DC (empfohlen: 16,9-19VDC)
Max. Current Solar Module 11,7A
Ambient Temperature -25°C - +50°C
Supported Battery Types AGM. Blei/Gel, Säure über DIL-Schalter einstellbar optional Lithium-Ionen-Batterie
Protection Functions Rückstrom, Kurzschluss, Übertemperatur, Überstrom, Überspannung, Feinschutz, Überlast, Verpolung
Dimensions (LxWxH)) 130mm x 125mm x 45mm
Weight 450 g
EAN 4250983245936

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