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Steca PR 1515 - 12V/24V Charge Controller

sku: 1-03-002170

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The Steca PR 2020 was designed for photovoltaic systems to charge 12V and 24V batteries. In contrary to the Steca PRS series
the PR series is equipped with a LCD display which makes it easy to control the device's funtions and shows all current
working parameteres.

Generally the controller is only usable with the following battery types:
- lead-accumulators with liquid electrolytes
- sealed lead-accumulators, AGM, gel
- 12V and 24V consumers, which can be directly connected to the controller (right connection pair)

Protection functions:
- protection from reverse polarized modules
- protection from reverse polarized consumers
- protection from reverse polarized batteries
- prevents from battery charge and discharge
- short-circuit protection on module input
- short-circuit protection on load output
- protection from a to high charging current
- no-load working test without battery or consumer
- current reflow protection
- over/undervoltage protection
- overheating protection
- deep discharge protection
- CE-compliant

data sheet

SKU 1-03-002170
Manufacturer's Unit Number PR 1515
Product Type Laderegler
Manufacturer Steca
Charge Controller Type PWM
System Voltage 12V DC, 24V DC
Charging Current (A) 15A
Deep Cycle Protection < 30 %/11,1V (22,2V)
Connection Clamps 16mm² / 25mm² - AWG 6 / 4  (fein- / einzeldrahtig)
Protection IP IP32
Restart Voltage > 50% / 12,6V (25,2V)
Charging Voltage flüssig 13,9V (27,8 V); Gel 14,1V (28,2 V)
Compensation Charge 14,7V (29,4V)
No-Load Voltage Solar Module < 47 V
Boost Charging Voltage 14,4V (28,8V)
Self-Consumption Under Load 12,5 mA
Load Current max. 15A
Ambient Temperature -10°C - +50°C
Application Area Innenbereich
Dimensions (LxWxH)) 187mm x 153mm x 68mm
Weight ca. 350 g
EAN 4250852801133

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