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EP-Solar 30A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V / 24V Tracer 3215RN

sku: 2-04-001085

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MPPT Charge Controller Tracer 3215RN for a max. module perfomance of 390W at 12V and 720W max. in 24V-systems at a max. module input voltage of 100V.

Ideal to make use of your solar panel's whole potential and to charge 12V or 24V solar batteries.

Very effective thanks to MPPT (Max Power Point Tracking)

Suitable for all common module technologies, optimal for solarsystems where module voltage exceeds battery voltage.
This controller can also be used with modules which are generally designed for grid-connected applications.

Up to 40% module output in comparison to other charge controllers.

In photovoltaic systems normally lead-acid , maintenance-free lead-acid, lead-gel and AGM batteries are used for energy storing.
Lead batteries have to be protected from deep discharge and overload. The MPPT charge controller manages both. Additionally the
batteries are kept maintained through intelligent maintenance procedures.

The switching tresholds for over/undervoltage, load-shutdown and reset voltage are precisely controlled by an integrated microcontroller.

- MPPT (Max Power Point Tracking)
- Module voltage up to: 150V DC
- Max. module performance: 390W (12V) / 720W (24V)
- Max. charging current: 30A
- Max. load current: 20A
- Consumption: < 30mA
- Temperature range: - 25°C bis + 60°C
- Protection IP: IP30
- Dimensions: 242 x 169 x 91mm
- Weight: 2000g
- Connection clamps: 30mm²

data sheet

SKU 2-04-001085
Manufacturer's Unit Number 1804
Manufacturer EP-Solar
Charge Controller Type MPPT
System Voltage 12V DC, 24V DC
Charging Current (A) 30A
Deep Cycle Protection 10,8V (21,6V)
Consumer Shut-Down 11,1V (22,2V)
Battery Voltage max. 15,5V x2/24V
Trickle Charging 13,8V (27,6V)
Voltage Drop Laden: =0.26V;  Verbraucher: =0.15V
Undervoltage Shut-Down 12,6V (25,2V)
Overvoltage Shut-Down 16V (32V)
Connection Clamps 30mm² Anschlussquerschnitte
Protection IP IP30
Max. Performance Solar Module 390W (12V) 800W (24V)
Compensation Charge AGM: 14,6V (29,2V), Säure offen: 14,8V (29,6V)
Temperature Compensation -30mV/°C/12V(25°C ref)
No-Load Voltage Solar Module 6-150V/DC
Charging Current max. 30A
Self-Consumption Under Load 10mA
Load Current max. 20A
Ambient Temperature -35°C - +55°C
Application Area Innenbereich
Protection Functions Tiefenentladeschutz, Überladeschutz, Kurzschlussschutz, Überspannungsschutz, Unterspannungsschutz, Verpolungsschutz, Überhitzungsschutz
Dimensions (LxWxH)) 242mm x 169mm x 91mm
EAN 4250497802663

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