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Victron Battery Balancer

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The Victron Energy Battery Balancer MPN BBA000100100 is a charge equalizer for 24V and 48V battery banks. It equalizes the charge level of two serially connected 12V batteries or several parallely connected battery strings. This prevents damages on the battery caused by imbalanced charging levels.

The problem: The life-span of an expensive battery bank can be reduced drastically by imbalanced charge levels
A battery with slightly increased leakage current within a 24V or 48V bank consisting of several serially/parallely connected batteries may cause an insufficient charging of parallely connected batteries or an overload of serially connected ones.
Moreover new cells or batteries should have the same charge level when connected in series. Small differences can be smoothed out during constant voltage phase or equalizing charge. Bigger differences however lead to damages. Reason for that is excessive gas development through an overload (batteries with higher initial charge) and sulfating caused by insufficient charging (batteries with lower initial charge).

The solution: battery balancing with the Victron Battery Balancer
The battery balancer equalizes the charge level of two serially connected 12V batteries or of several parallely connected battery strings.

If the charging voltage of a 24V-system exceeds 27.3V the battery balancer compares the charge level of both batteries (serial). It drains power (up to 0.7A) from the battery (or battery string) with the higher voltage. The consequent difference between the charging currents leads to a balanced charge level of all connected batteries or battery strings.
If necessary several battery balancers can be connected parallely.
A 48V battery bank can be equalized with 3 battery balancers.

LED Display
Green: on (battery voltage >27.3V)
Orange: lower battery circle active (deviation >0.1V)
Orange: upper battery circle active (deviation >0.1V)
Red: Alarm (deviation >0.2V) Active until deviation falls back under 0.14V or system voltage drops to 26.6V or less

Open by default. Shuts close when red LED turns on, opens when red LED turns off

Resetting alarm
There are two sockets two connect a push button. If both sockets are connected the realy is reset
"Reset" remains until the alarm is over. After that the relay shuts close again.

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SKU 8-67-009670
Manufacturer's Unit Number BBA000100100
Manufacturer Victron Energy
EAN 8719076020950

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