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The Mastervolt AC Master 12/300 (28010300) is ideal for small to medium-sized systems and convinces with silent operation and low consumption.

AC Master Sine-Inverters
With the affordable AC Master you can easily convert the voltage of a 12 or 24 V battery into reliable 230 V 50/60 Hz grid power, the same way you would at home or work.
From microwave to hairdryer, DVD player to electrical tools, laptop to flatscreen - a pure sine wave supplies your appliances without interuptions, humming or flickering screens and ensures a longer life-span of all connected devices.
Additionally you save the money for various adaptors.

Safe and easy connection
These inverters benefit from reliable connection technology with cable- and plug&play-connection.

Efficient use of batteries
The high efficiency and the automatic zero-consumption mode ensure a longer life-span for your batteries.

High peak-voltages for the start
The AC Master inverters can provide 200% of their capacity to run devices that need higher currents for starting.

No humming thanks to high-frequency technology
Thanks to high-frequency switch-technology humming transformers are no longer needed. On the contrary you can expect a much higher efficiency.
Moreover Mastervolt inverters are small, light-weighted and easy to install.


Anleitung_Mastervolt_AC-Master-12-300.pdf Download
Continuous output: 300 W
Frequency range: 50Hz / +-0,1Hz
Manufacturer: Mastervolt
Max. Efficiency: 0,9
Peak performance: 600 W - short-term for start-up or cold currents
Protection type: IP23
Rated output voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
Sine wave: true sine wave
Voltage DC: 12 V
Voltage regulation: 12V DC / 230V AC
Product Type: Voltage transformer
Weight: 1,16kg Reviews with
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