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The Mastervolt DC Distribution 500 is a connection device that allows the save connection of up to 4 different consumers. The internal fuses are surveilled and - their status can be recalled via the MasterBus communication platform.

The DC Distribution 500 is the smallest distribution model available. It connects up to four DC devices to the DC groups, such as a battery charger, inverter, alternators and solar panels. With the included plug & play cable it can be easily connected to the MasterBus network.

To display the distributor's measurement data as well as its configuration a monitoring device like the Maserview Easy 3.5 Touch is needed. Alternatively the configuration of the Mastershunt can be done even easier via USB interface and the free software MasterAdjust.

The MasterView panel gives all fuses logical names to ensure you receive understandable error notifications (for example charger fuse defect).

The DC Distribution always comes with four ANL fuses: 80, 80, 125 and 160 A, and a spare fuse of 125 A.

Important product features:

  • connection of up to 4 devices to the main-DC-conduction, fusing on the plus-conductor
  • easy installation
  • up to 4 fuses applicable
  • exact warning display for system fuses
  • remote monitoring of fuses
  • supports MasterBus network
  • LEDs display data traffic and alarm status
  • solid fuse casing with DC-connector separation
  • control via optional touch display MasterView Easy 3.5
  • part of the Mastconnect system (easy plug connection to Mastershunt and Digital DC 10x10A)

Event-dependent programming
An event is a condition under which you want the device to perform another task. If a fuse is tripped maybe a consumer should be shut off. To choose this device a certain signal is needed which communicates that the according fuse tripped. This signal is enabled by this event. The DC Distribution provides 4 parameters which serve as event. These can be ON (operating) or OFF (enabled).

Delivery scope
1x Mastervolt 77020200 DC Distribution 500
1x Mastervolt 77040000 MasterBus Connection Device (Terminator)
1x Mastervolt 77040050 0,5m MasterBus Connection Cable
2x Mastervolt 77049080 ANL-Fuse 80A
2x Mastervolt 77049125 ANL-Fuse 125A
1x Mastervolt 77049160 ANL-Fuse 160A
1x Manual

Battery voltage: 12V, 24V, 48V
Manufacturer: Mastervolt
Masterbus compatible: yes
Product Type: DC Distribution
Protection type: IP21
max. load current: 300A continuous / 500A for 5 minutes Reviews with
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