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Mastervolt MasterBus Inverter Interface

sku: 8-66-008280

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The Mastervolt Masterbus Inverter Interface (MPN 77030700) enables you to integrate a Mass Sine Inverter into your network which then can be controlled via the MasterView-panel or a PC.

Information about the Mastervolt MasterBus

All devices compatible with MasterBus are marked with the MasterBus logo. MasterBus is a fully decentralized data network for the communication of Mastervolt system components. As it has proven as a very reliable technology in vehicles, this network grounds on CANBUS-technology.
MasterBus carries out the energy management for all connected devices such as inverters, chargers, generators and many more. This allows the communication between your devices, for example starting a generator at low battery charging level.

Due to the use of UTP-patch cables MasterBus reduces the complexity of of electrical systems. All components are simply connected serially. That's why every device is equipped with two MasterBus-outputs. If two or more devices are connected via those outputs the form a local data network, the so-called MasterBus.
The outcome is a reduction of material costs as there are only few cables as well as less time for installation is needed.

For a centralized monitoring of your system Mastervolt offers a wide range of panels that show all important system data at a glance and a push of a button. There are four different panels - from the small 120x65mm LCD-monitor, compatible with Mastervision, to the full-color panel of the MasterView-system.
All panels can be used to monitor, control and configure every connected MasterBus-device.

New devices can be integrated into your MasterBus network easily. This makes the MasterBus network very flexible - not only today but also in the future. Mastervolt also offers interfaces to integrate non-MasterBus-devices.
For direct communication of MasterBus and a device not offered by Mastervolt we recommend the ModBus-interface.

Delivery scope
77030100 Masterbus Interface
77040000 Masterbus Terminator
77040600 6m Masterbus data cable Cat5E UTP Patch,  RJ45 zu RJ45
Interface Connection Cable for 77030700


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SKU 8-66-008280
Manufacturer's Unit Number 77030700
Manufacturer Mastervolt
Protection IP IP21
Weight 0,08 kg
EAN 4250983252507

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