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Mastervolt’s potential-free contact can be customised and programmed to give your MasterBus network unprecedented possibilities. Use it, for example, to control a ventilator or operate a generator from a different brand.

Mode 1:
The Multipurpose Contact Output can be use as CSI (charger status interface) for the ChargeMaster switching when there is an error. Configuration for the CSI can be found in the ChargeMaster's menu under "Configuration/Events".

Mode 2:

Operation of the Multipurpose Contact Output is only possible with a MasterBus. Information about the MasterBus as well as its event structure can be found under
The following table gives shows the Multipurpose Contact Output's functions:

Monitoring Description Factory settings Range
State Relay can be switched On (activate) or Stand by Stand by Stand by / Active
Override  A¨ndern Sie den Status des Relais Stand by Aktiviert / Stand by


Factory settings


Language Set the Multipurpose Contact Output menu language  English See specifications 
Device name Any name you wish with 12 characters max DC Relay 12 characters max
1 sec pulse Option to create a 1 second starting pulse, needed for some generators Off Off, On
Min. runtime Option to use a minimum run time Off Off, On
Min. runtime Set the minimum run time if selected 15 minutes 15min - 45days
Max. runtime Option to use a maximum run time Off Off, On
Max. runtime Set the maximum run time if selected 8 hrs 8 hrs-45 tage


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