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Offgridtec® 100AH C20 Gel Battery 12V

sku: 2-01-007205

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Offgridtec Gel Batteries are designed for highest energy demand. A reliable constant current ensures the operation of all connected consumers.
It is also ideal as a buffer for all charge and discharge processes for example in solar applications.

Moreover Offgridtec Gel Batteries are very suitable for installations on sport verhicles, boats, caravans and as emergency power supply.

Extremely durable, safe and reliable!

Product characteristics:
- maintenance-free Offgridtec lead accumulator (gel technology)
- absolute maintenance-free operation, high recombination ability during cyclical use and very good high-current characteristics
- very cycle-resistant thanks to a robust structure
- operation in any position
- no acid stratification thanks to gel technology
- high life expectance of up to 10 years
- less than 3% self-discharge a month
- robost casing (impact-proof, burst-proof, corrosion-resistant)

Model: sealed gel battery (maintenance-free)

Voltage: 12V

Terminals: flat pole with M6 screw terminal

Condition: filled and charged

Technical Data:
Voltage: 12V
Capacity: 100Ah
CCA: 1030EN
Discharge: C10 (10.8V) - 100Ah
Discharge: C20 (10.8V) - 105Ah
Internal resistance: 0.008 Ohm
Watt/h: 1200Wh (600Wh at 50% depth of discharge)
Dimensions (LxWxH): 325 x 225 x 170mm
Terminal: M8
Weight: 30,8 Kg

solar systems, caravans, construction site lighting, pv-systems, boats, motoryachts, outdoor, uniterrupted power supply UPS

As a supplier of system solutions we also provide suitable modules and accessories to recharge your battery as well as inverters for stand-alone systems.

Important information according to BattV (return and disposal)
Bylaw about the return and disposal of used batteries. Batteries and accumulators are not domestic waste. Consumers are legally obliged to return used batteries. This can be done at Offgridtec.com or at local collecting points.
According to §10 battery law distributors of batteries have to charge a deposit of € 7.50 including VAT if the customer has no discharged battery to return. If there is no deposit charged because the used battery was disposed properly or an exchange from an old battery to a new one this amount of money cannot be subtracted from total purchase price.


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SKU 2-01-007205
Manufacturer's Unit Number 007205
Manufacturer Offgridtec
EAN 4250983249675

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