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Offgridtec® Solar-Direct 500W Solar System - grid feed

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The Offgridtec Solar-Direct 500W system feeds produced energy directly into your domestic power grid via a wall socket and lowers the speed of your power meter. Under good conditions the Solar-Direct System 500 feeds-in up to 500W solar energy and therefore reduces the amount of energy which otherwise has to be optained from your electricity provider.Moreover the system is easy to set up - even for non-professionals. A great investment that starts to pay off right after installation.

The system bases on our high-quality 36V poly solar module with a performance of 500W and the mini-grid inverter Mastervolt Soladin 600. The inverter can be connected to a wallsocket via the pre-installed cable. It starts feeding as soon as the module is connected. For the connection of module and inverter a 8m 2x4mm² that can be used instantly (plug&play) is also included.

A fitting mounting system - if needed - can be purchased in our shop. If you need any help please contact us via phone or mail.

Where might this system be needed?
Generally this system is suitable for everyone with a certain minimum consumption during the day. Thanks to this system less energy needs to be bought from your electricity provider. Under good conditions and according minimum consumption up to 2kWh/day can be produced.


2x Offgridtec Poly 250W 36V modules

  • Performance (Pmax): 250W
  • Voltage (Vmp): 36.6V
  • Max. amperage (Imp): 8.47A
  • No-load voltage (VOC): 29.5V
  • Short-circuit current (Isc): 9.10A
  • Max. system voltage: 1000V/DC
  • Ambient temperature: -40...+85°C
  • Dimensions: 164 x 99 x 4cm
  • Weight: 19kg

Offgridtec 8m 2x4mm MC4 to MC4 connection cable

  • Length: 2x8m
  • Cable type: Lapp Solar XLS-R
  • Cable diameter: 2x4mm
  • UV and chemical resistant (see datasheet)
  • Connectivity: MC4

1x Mastervolt Soladin 600 inverter

For usage in a European country please observe national legal regulations.
For a direct grid-feed please make sure you act within the legal regulations of your country or (federal) state. Please also check if a 3-phases voltage surveillance is needed to run this system according ot the regulations of your electricity provider.

Solar technology allows an increasing use of renewable energy sources. Thanks to the development of the Soladin inverter Mastervolt enables owners of even small systems to contribute to a constant power supply. This mini-grid inverter allows you to feed energy directly into your domestic grid and to consume it instantly.

Function principle:
The Soladin's most important function is the conversion of a DC-current into a 230V/50Hz standard current. The Soladin uses the grid as energy reservoir which the produced energy is sold back to. If the power supply is interrupted the Soladin shuts down automatically.

Plug & Play:
This inverter is very compact and equipped with easily accessable 230V and DC connectors. MultiContact plugs for the  + and - connection of the solar system is also pre-installed. A well-structured LED-display provides information about produced energy as well as the operational status of solar system and inverter.

Dynamic MPP-tracker:
At a certain voltage solar panels produce a maximum of energy - the so called maximum power point (MPP). This point differs from panel to panel of different brand and type and depends on a combination of voltage, amperage, radiation and temperature. The Soladin is equipped with a dynamic MPP-tracker which allows an MPP-performance of more than 99% under nearly all circumstances. Thanks to that the Soladin allows the use of various panel types (silicium, amorphous, etc.) and guarantess ideal performance anytime.

Input range:
With its very wide function range the Soladin can support systems of up to 700Wp. With a max. voltage of 155V DC configurations of 36, 54 and 72 cells can be connected to the device. The amperage range of 0 to 8A allows the use of current high-end panels.

This inverter is developed for countries where an ENS-circuit is not needed. Standardly equipped with QNS protection for anti-islanding.

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SKU 4-01-007560
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