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Offgridtec© 12V Autarkic M-Master 200W Solar System - 1000W AC Output 12V 230V

sku: 4-01-002670

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The Autarkic XL-Master 200 belongs to the smaller systems out of the Autarkic-series and provides everything you need to run small 12V and 230V consumers.

2 x Offgridtec 100Wp 12V solar panels
1 x Steca PR 3030 solar charge controller 30A with display
1 x Solartronics sine inverter 1000W 12V to 230V with type-F socket
1 x Offgridtec 12V AGM battery 122Ah (maintenance-free, lasts up to 10 years)
1 x 8m professional module-to-controller connection cable with fitting plugs (plug & play)
1 x proffesional battery connection cable with 20A-fuse (plug & play)
1 x MC4-Y connector pair

Depending on availability the inverter’s case color is blue or gold.
Technical specifications stay the same.

Also included: Offgridtec Premium Service Package

  • In case of a defective electronical device (charge controller or inverter) we will send the product back to the manufacturer to have it repaired. In the meantime we provide you with a free replacement device. Normally this service is not needed but in case of a defect the ongoing operation of your system is safe.
  • free phone-support for the Offgridtec Solar Package

Are there any questions or individual requirements feel free to contact us:

+ 49 (0) 8721 9829740

data sheet

SKU 4-01-002670
Manufacturer's Unit Number 002670
Availability Date Mar 15, 2021
Product Type Solarstromsystem
Manufacturer Offgridtec
System Voltage 12V DC
quality of power echte Sinuswelle
Constant AC-performance 1000 W
Dimensions Module 1200mm x 540mm x 35mm
Load Current max. 30A
Battery Capacity (50% SOC) 858Wh (erweiterbar)
Cell Type monokristallin
Included Accessories 55101,55102,55098
Included Battery Offgridtec© 122Ah / 12V AGM Solar Batterie
Socket 2 Schukosteckdosen
Battery Type AGM-Batterie
Max. Current (Imp) 5,62A
Peak Performance 2000 W mind. 20 ms für Anlauf- bzw. Kaltströme
Average Daily Output 800Wh (erweiterbar)
Capacity at HR10 (C10) 120Ah (12A,1.75V)
Capacity at HR20 (C20) 122Ah (6.1A,1.75V)
Connectivity 230V Verbraucher, 12V/DC
Voltage Control 12V DC / 230V AC
Performance (Pmax) 100W
No-Load Voltage (Voc) 22,3V
Short-Circuit Current (ISC) 6,07A
Weight 120,0 kg
EAN 4260297853628

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