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Votronic DC-Inverter DC/DC 1212-25 12V auf 12,5V 13V 13,5V

sku: 8-13-005210

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This VOTRONIC DC-inverter out of the DCDC-series allows a safe operation of consumers in 12V-on-board-systems without using a battery.

For a short time these inverters can even be run with an overload of up to 30%. Thanks to that starting, peak and initial currents of consumers can be compensated.

To prevent voltage breakdowns, defective ground wires or else the inverter is equipped with a galvanic isolation between input and output. This ensures a stable, separated mass ratio on both sides, espcially useful for big vehicles, containers, etc.
Starting the DC-inverter also activates the battery's voltage sensor (voltage recognition, undervoltage-shutdown).

Output voltage:
It is stabilized and smoothed and therefore also suitable for damageable consumers. The output voltage can be adjusted to 3 different, fixed and stabilized output voltages.
The fourth mode adjusts the output voltage according to the detected input voltage. In this mode it makes sense to use consumers which read out information from different voltages, for example the charging of a starter battery, automatic over/undervoltage shutdown, etc.


  • The output voltage is stabilized, smoothed, free from voltage peaks and filtered. 
  • Galvanic isolation between input and output:
  • full separation of consumers and battery system, even when errors occure. This is especially important when a 12V-consumer is supplied with a 24V-system
  • no damaging on 12V-consumers through overvoltage because of 24V-breakdowns
  • no overvoltage at the output which protects consumer during a loss of the ground wire
  • clean and uninterrupted mass ratio even with extensive cabeling
  • stable operation voltage in mobile systems
  • filtering and surpression of malfunctions at input and output
  • Automatic continuous operation: The inverter can be constantly connected to battery and consumers and works manually or automatically according to predefined settings.
  • Surveillance-free operation: Multible protection against overload, overheating, overvoltage, short-circuit, malfunctions, deep discharge through electronical barriers and an auto-shutdown through integrated security switches.
  • Input cable compensation: voltage losses at the cables are considered
  • Integrated board mains suppression filters: This allows the parallel operation with solar systems, wind and fuel generators or grid-connected chargers at a battery.

data sheet

SKU 8-13-005210
Manufacturer's Unit Number 3330
Product Type Spannungswandler
Manufacturer Votronic
System Voltage 12V DC
Voltage (V) 10,6 V - 16 V
Recommended Battery Capacity min. 50Ah
Output Voltage (V) 12,5 V / 13,0 V / 13,5 V /=Vin
Temperature Range -20 bis + 45°C
Protection IP IP21
Permitted Humidity max. 95 % RF (nicht kondensierend)
Protection Functions 54827,54179,54830,54829,54828
Rated Current temp. max. 42 A
Measurement Input Starter Battery Ja
Constant Current 25A / 33A
Switching Input D+, Cl. 15 Ja
Power Consumption max. 400 W
Power Consumption temp. max. 530 W
Voltage Range max. (10sec) 9,0 V - 16 V
Temporary Output Current max. (5sec) 33 A
Voltage Ripple <30mV rms
Installation Position beliebig
Dimensions (LxWxH)) 245 x 160 x 71 mm
Weight 1450 g
EAN 4250683602510

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