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Controllers according to the MPP technology are continuously and automatically calculating the maximum power yield (MPP) of the solar modules several times per minute. The voltage surplus of the solar module will be transformed to a higher charging current for the battery (realised by high-frequency switching controller technology with high efficiency). This surplus of charging current ensures short charging times and the best possible power yield of the solar system.

  • Main Charging Port I: Automatic charging and conservation of charge of the (main) board supply battery
  • Auxiliary Charging Port II: Current and voltage reduced for recharging as well as trickle charge of the vehicle’s starter battery, thus ensuring continuous starting capacity
  • Continuous control, full batteries by immediate recharging in case of current consumption
  • Automatic charging programs adjustable for gel, acid/lead-acid, AGM/fleece and Lithium batteries for optimum charging results
  • Very low own electricity consumption, high efficiency
  • Connection for Battery Temperature Sensor for temperature compensation
  • Indicators for operating state "AES", "Full", "> 80%", "MPP" and "Low Voltage"
  • Control output EBL, prepared for “Elektroblock” with solar current display, cable set, Art. 2007, required
  • Terminal "AES" with LED display:
  • Automatic commutation of Dometic/ELECTROLUX refrigerators from gas operation to 12 V-operation in case of sufficient solar power by means of “AES” (Automatic Energy Selector)
Votronic_MPP_Duo_Digital_Bedienungsanleitung.pdf Download
Ambient temperature: -20°C - +45°C
Battery type adjustable: Acid, Gel, AGM, LiFePO4
Certification: CE compliant
Charge controller type: Dual-MPPT
Charging characteristic: IU1oU2
Charging timer: 2-fold
Connection options: LCD Solar Computer S
Manufacturer: Votronic
Number of charging outputs: 2
On-board power supply filter: yes
Own consumption in standby: 4mA
Pre-charge current: max. 5A (deepest discharged battery:
Product Type: Charge controller
Protection type: IP21
Protective functions: Reverse current lock (night), overload, overheating, charging, reverse polarity
Scope of application: indoor area
Solar module voltage (max.): 50 V/DC
Weight: 260g
max. charging current: Battery1: 31.5A Battery2: 1A Reviews with
Können verschiedene Batterietypen angeschlossen werden, z.B. als Starterbatterie eine Blei-Säure und als Boardbatterie eine LiFePO4-Batterie?
Ja, dies ist problemlos möglich. Der zusätzliche Ladeausgang für die Starterbatterie dient rein als Erhaltungsladung mit max. 1A. Eine Vollladung ist damit nicht möglich. Die Batterieeinstellungen beziehen sich rein auf den Boardbatterie-Ausgang.
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