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Votronic SR 220 Duo Digital 12V Solar Charge Controller

sku: 1-13-004890

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12V dual solar charge controller 14A escpecially for caravans and boats. Of course it's also suitable for other autarkic solar systems. Charges on-board and starter battery.

For solar modules with:
max. 220Wp module output
max. 14A module current
max. 28V module voltage


  • Main output (1): automatic charge and load preservation of the main supply battery (on-board battery)
  • Second output (2): current and voltage-reduced to recharge and preserve starter batteries and keep them operational
  • stepless regulation: full battery through instant recharge after consumption
  • Automatic charge program for Gel, acid/wet, AGM and lithium batteries
  • Very low consumption
  • Connectable to a battery temperature sensor
  • Displays: 'full', '>80%', 'charging', 'stand-by' and 'undervoltage'
  • Smooth battery charging - no overload 
  • maintenance-free

Through intelligent micro-processor controlling the batteries are charged optimally with IU1oU2 curves.

data sheet

SKU 1-13-004890
Manufacturer's Unit Number 1615
Product Type Laderegler
Manufacturer Votronic
System Voltage 12V DC
Connectivity externer Temperatursensor
Anschluss Solarladestrom Wohnraumbatterie-Anzeige ja
On-board Mains Suppression Filter ja
Reset Voltage 12,7V
Inrush Current max. 7,0A (tiefstentladene Batterie:<8V)
Charging Timer 3-fach
Permitted Humidity max. 95 % RF (nicht kondensierend)
Max. Performance Solar Module 220Wp
Charging Voltage max. 15V
Charging Current max. Batterie1: 9,0A Batterie2: 0,8A_14A
Standby Self-Consumption 4mA
Battery Voltage 12 V
Load Current max. 14A
Max. Voltage Solar Module 28 V/DC
Max. Current Solar Module 14A
Charging Characteristics IU1oU2
Number of Charging Outputs 2
Ambient Temperature -20°C - +45°C
Charging Possibilities 1 Versorgungsbatterie
Supported Battery Types Säure, Gel, AGM, LiFePO4
Application Area Innenbereich
Protection Functions 54037,54179,54042,54828,54827,54055
Dimensions (LxWxH)) 131mm x 40mm x 77mm
Weight 155g
EAN 4250683602909

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