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Battery balancer for 12V batteries
If 12V batteries are integrated in a system of 24V 48V it might happen that the batteries are differently charged due to different capacities.
One battery gets overloaded - the other is not fully charged.

Consequence of different charging levels
- acid-accumulation of the less charged battery (loss of capacity)
- high oxidation and dehydration of the overloaded battery

In both cases the battery's life-span is tremendously cut.
In 48V-systems the different voltage is evan higher because the batteries should have the same voltage.
If 2 or 4 batteries are connected in a row the charger only recognises the system's total voltage - not of evy single battery.
If the voltage difference exceeds 10mV the balancer is activated. It's working power comes from the connected batteries.
The balancer (or equalizer) tries to compensate the single battery voltages and to bring them on a equal level. During a discharge process in 24V or 48V systems all batteries are discharged equally to avoid an undervoltage.
Because 12V batteries always have little tolerances within their production process it is absolutely recommended to use a battery balancer in every 48V system. Elsewise there will be a huge voltage difference between the batteries and fast maturing.

For a 24V battery system consisting of 2 12V batteries you need 1 balancer.

For a 48V battery system consisting of 4 12V batteries you need 3 balancers.

Technical data:
Starting voltage: 26V
Voltage difference: <0,1V
Max. equalizing current: 2A

Manufacturer: Westech Reviews with
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