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Peripheral Devices

With these small, electronic components, you can create efficient battery circuits, monitor them and much more. Curious now? Then take a look at our online shop and find out if there is something suitable for you!

What are peripherals?

Good solar technology only functions optimally when all components work together and form a synergetic whole. The peripheral devices are indispensable tools that work effectively in the background. Through automatic charge control and battery monitoring, these devices ensure that your battery operates at maximum efficiency and that only the power you need is used. Don't let their small size fool you - peripherals are indispensable helpers that keep your battery circuits running smoothly and sustainably.


Relays are especially needed when at least two batteries are used at the same time. A second battery can help you avoid the dreaded "flat battery" and offers you the possibility of a reliable and permanent power supply. However, remember that the extra batteries also need to be charged regularly to keep them in good condition.


In our shop you will find these special switches from the quality brand Kemo:

  • Electronic twilight switch for mains connection: Via a built-in relay, lamps or other consumers are automatically switched on at dusk and switched off again at dawn. (Depending on the module, the mode of operation can also be reversed).
  • Light barrier (kit to solder yourself): This is a kind of motion sensor. When the light beam is interrupted, the built-in relay triggers a switch function.

Other components

In our shop you will also find electricity meters and special battery protection. We even offer the latter as marine models so that the electronics are protected from moisture even on the high seas. The protectors are connected between the supply battery and the consumer.

Buy peripherals online now at Offgridtec

Make sure your battery circuit works properly with the help of our peripherals! Order directly from Offgridtec and soon benefit from advanced features such as undervoltage protection, current monitoring and overcharge protection. We promise you fast delivery and competent advice from photovoltaic specialists. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service if you have any questions. You can reach us by phone on +49 8721 91994-00 and by e-mail at [email protected].


  1. What are peripheral devices and why do you need them? These small devices, e.g. relays and battery protectors, work unobtrusively in the background to keep your battery running at peak efficiency and yield. Their small size belies their importance. They are vital components that keep your battery system running smoothly and reliably.
  2. What peripheral devices are there for solar systems? There are various small devices that help you optimise and better monitor the self-sufficient power supply. Special twilight switches, for example, ensure that lights can only be switched on when it is dark, and electricity meters help you to keep an eye on your energy consumption at all times.
  3. Where are battery relays used? Overall, battery relays are an essential component in many different applications, from powering electric vehicles or industrial equipment to providing backup power for emergency systems. Via a secondary battery, they are intended to provide a reliable power supply even if the main battery should ever fail.
  4. Are relays important for solar installations? Demand for modern relays has skyrocketed in recent years, especially in the renewable energy sector. With the proliferation of battery storage systems for renewable energy, households and businesses are increasingly relying on relays to provide a secure and constant power supply. This surge in demand has made relays an essential component of solar systems, as they are critical to the success and reliability of these systems.