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Fuse holders are essential for checking and controlling the flow of current in any electrical system. Not only do they protect the electrical components from dangerous overloads, but they also provide you with a safe way to connect and disconnect a fuse. Find your suitable fuse holder in best quality at Offgridtec now!

What is a fuse holder?

A fuse holder is a device that holds either a blade fuse or a cylindrical fuse. It is designed to hold the fuse in place so that it can be easily inserted and removed from a circuit. Fuse holders are inserted into the fuse. The matching electrical contacts in the fuse holder housing ensure that the fuse conducts current during operation and is triggered when relevant events occur.

Fuse holder at a glance

Offgridtec fuse holders are characterised by high mechanical strength, insulation, heat resistance and fire-retardant properties, which prevent cracks, deformation, burns or short circuits. The protective cover with clip closure also ensures optimum protection of the fuse holder.

Fuse holders come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including miniature fuse holders and flat fuse holders. The type of fuse holder you choose depends on the type of fuse used and the requirements of the application.

Buy fuse holders online at Offgridtec

Whether fuse holders for cars, miniature fuse holders or flat fuse holders, at Offgridtec you will find everything about fuse holders and much more. If you have any questions, our experts will be happy to advise you personally. Call us on +49 8721 91994-00 or send us an e-mail to [email protected]. We are happy to help you!


  1. What is a fuse holder? Fuse holders are holding devices for electrical and electronic fuses. They are available for different types of fuses such as miniature fuses, flat fuses or automotive fuses.
  2. Where are fuse holders used? The use of fuse holders enables the quick and uncomplicated replacement of fuses. They are installed in electronic devices, on machines, in fuse boxes and on electrical cables.
  3. How do fuse holders work? Fuse holders work mechanically and electrically. Mechanically, the fuse is fixed in the fuse holder or the fuse holder itself is fixed. Electrically, the input and output lines of the fuse are connected to the holder, which is equipped with the appropriate electrical contacts for the fuse to be applied.
  4. How are fuse holders installed? Fuse holders are usually permanently installed by solder or print connections. However, some fuse holders are also suitable for plug-in installation. In this case, the fuse holder is first plugged into the circuit and then the fuse is attached.