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Battery Cabling

At Offgridtec you will find the right cables for your solar system and vehicles. Our well-stocked range includes cables with different cable cross-sections, connectors and terminals. For additional safety and performance, we also offer many of our battery cables with optional fuses.

Battery cable with pole clamp for connection to car, solar battery & co.

Battery cables are an essential part of any electrical system. They are used to connect and power batteries, electrical systems and the devices they power.

When choosing a battery cable, length is one of the most important factors. Different systems require different dimensions. We therefore strongly recommend measuring the distance between the battery and the device you want to connect it to. The correct conductor cross-section is also crucial to ensure that the intended power reaches the consumer fully and safely.

If you are unsure about the dimensions, please contact us for advice.

Our range of battery cables at a glance

Our battery cables are designed to handle large amounts of energy when selected correctly. They are made from robust materials and meet safety standards from leading manufacturers in terms of breakdown protection. This makes them an excellent choice for high power applications such as vehicles of all kinds, generators and solar panels.

You can find these battery cables in our shop:

  • Battery cables with a pole clamp: These are specially optimised for connecting vehicle batteries to electrical systems, as they make a secure connection to the battery's poles that prevents accidental disconnection.
  • Battery cables assembled: These are cables that are pre-assembled with the correct type of connector at both ends. You do not have to crimp the cables to the connector manually, which saves you the use of special tools. The cables are usually supplied with a length appropriate for the installation as well as suitable diameter [mm2], but can also be adapted for special requirements.
  • Battery cables with fuse: These have built-in or interposed fuses to protect the electrical system from damage due to overload. This is especially important to successfully prevent damage to the cable.

Tip: For those who need a longer cable than is available in the pre-assembled version, Offgridtec also offers battery cable extensions.

Buy battery cable with or without fuse online now

At Offgridtec you will only find battery cables that are manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure a long service life as well as low-loss transmission. We offer cables in various lengths and cross-sections, optionally with or without fuse. There is guaranteed to be something suitable for you! Browse our selection today and find out why we are the first choice when it comes to battery accessories.

Do you have any other requests? Don't hesitate to call our expert team on +49 8721 91994-00 for a free consultation.


  1. What happens if the cable cross-section is too small? Unfortunately, the wrong cable cross-section is often the cause of damage to equipment and the cable itself. For example, if the cable is too small, the power may not be able to sufficiently process the transmitted currents. This manifests itself here in increased heating of the cable.
  2. What are pre-configured cables? Pre-configured cables are supplied with a pre-assembled plug or cable lug and often also with a fuse. This makes installation much easier.
  3. What is a pole terminal? A pole terminal is a special type of connector used to connect cables to individual poles of a battery. Depending on the design, they enable a current-conducting connection that can be released with or without tools.
  4. When should a battery cable with fuse be used? Battery cables️ mit️ fuses️ offer️ you️ additional️ safety,️ since️ loads️ mit️ to️ high️ Strom️ vermieden️ here. ️ From️ 20 cm️ cable length in️ vehicles️ and️ in️ the️ installation️ of many️ Geräte️ ist️ hier️ eine️ Sicherung️ durch️ den️ Hersteller️ prescribed.