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12V to 230V Inverters

With the help of a voltage converter, the input voltage can be increased or decreased to the desired level so that the output voltage can be used for operating electrical devices or charging batteries. Here at Offgridtec's online shop, you can get the highest quality voltage converters from the best manufacturers. Find out why they are essential for you for many applications and find the right 12V to 230V voltage converter for your next holiday with your motorhome!

What is a voltage transformer? - Function and areas of application

A voltage transformer is an electrical device that can be used to lower or raise the voltage in an AC circuit. By using a voltage transformer, the incoming input voltage can be increased or decreased to the desired level. The output voltage can then be used to operate electrical equipment or charge batteries. Voltage transformers are used in many industrial and domestic applications, such as power generators, solar panels and electric motors.

Sine wave voltage converter 12V to 230V for car, motorhome and co.

A pure sine wave voltage converter is an electronic device that converts alternating current (AC) from one voltage level to another. This type of converter is capable of producing a pure sine wave for the output voltage.

In this case, it converts 12V to 230V, which is more than enough to power most electronic devices.

When it comes to voltage converters, you should choose one that is reliable and efficient. That's why we recommend you look for a converter that is made of high-quality materials and has several safety features. You are sure to find one in our electronics range.

Buy voltage converter 12V to 230V online at Offgridtec

With a high-quality converter from one of our top brands, you can easily use your electronics without worrying about damaging them. If you need help choosing the right converter, our team of experts at Offgridtec will be happy to assist you!

If you have any questions or requests, simply call us on +49 8721 91994-00 or send us an email: [email protected]. We look forward to advising you!


  1. What is the difference between a voltage converter and an inverter? The difference between a voltage transformer and an inverter is that a voltage transformer is used to increase or decrease the voltage of an electrical signal, while an inverter is used to convert alternating current into direct current.
  2. Is it possible to convert 12V to 230V? Yes, the voltage must be increased with a voltage converter. You can find suitable high-quality devices in our online shop!
  3. Which voltage transformer is the right one? Which voltage transformer is right for your application depends on the specific requirements of your system, such as current, voltage and power requirements. Contact our team of experts to find the best voltage transformer for your specific requirements.
  4. What does the voltage transformer do? A voltage transformer is an electrical device used to change the voltage of an AC signal. It is an important component in electrical power distribution systems as it enables the safe transfer of power from one voltage level to another.