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Discover our wide range of accessories for intelligent energy management products from Growatt for efficient monitoring and control of your energy consumption.

With the optional accessories from Growatt's innovative Shine series, you can configure and monitor all your Growatt products. The free Growatt monitoring platform is available as a smartphone app for iOS and Android as well as a web version. You can use the platform to monitor and analyze the energy yield, self-consumption and other important data in real time. It also allows you to display self-consumption and track trends.

Which data logger from the Shine series meets your requirements?

  • The Shine WiFi-X is a WLAN data logger that provides a wireless connection for monitoring your solar system. It allows you to conveniently record and transfer your system data via your WLAN network.
  • The Shine LAN-X is a data logger that connects to your network via a LAN connection. It provides a reliable and stable connection for monitoring and recording your system data.
  • The Shine Link-X is an RF data logger that communicates wirelessly with your Growatt inverters. It enables simple and convenient transmission of your system data to the monitoring platform.
  • The Shine RF Stick-X is a USB stick that acts as a data logger. It can be connected directly to a compatible inverter and records the system data, which can then be transferred to the monitoring platform via the stick.
  • The Shine Master is a system data logger that allows you to monitor multiple devices in your solar system and analyze their performance in detail. With the Shine Master, you have a comprehensive overview of your solar system and can quickly identify potential problems.

Other Growatt products:

  • Growatt's SEM-E energy managers with a capacity of 50 to 100 kW are particularly suitable for larger systems.
  • With Growatt's smart meter, you can precisely record and optimize your electricity consumption by limiting grid export and accurately measuring your own consumption.
  • The SPM-E electricity meter for single-phase systems and the TPM-E electricity meter for three-phase systems allow you to accurately measure and monitor your electricity consumption.
  • The SYN 50-XH Backup Box from Growatt allows you to access your self-generated solar power even in the event of grid outages or unstable grid conditions. Thanks to the intelligent control system, the energy flow is optimally regulated to ensure that your most important consumers are continuously supplied with power.

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