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12V-24V High Performance Solar Modules

High-efficiency PV modules are a great addition to any home and the ideal companion for any outdoor activity, providing green power at all times. While they are an investment, they will lower your energy bills in the long run and make a positive contribution to the environment. At Offgridtec you will find high quality solar modules equipped with the latest technology. Browse through our range and find the right 12V/ 24V modules for your purposes!

What are high-performance solar modules or high-efficiency PV modules?

Photovoltaic modules capture solar energy and convert it into electricity. Accordingly, high-performance modules are normal photovoltaic solar modules, but they produce a much higher output and work more efficiently.

The efficiency of a high-performance solar module is particularly high. This means they are the most powerful solar modules per area. With the advancing technology of our quality brands, the efficiency increases and also the limit from when a solar panel delivers peak performance.

The technology of the high-performance PV modules

High-efficiency PV modules are produced differently depending on the manufacturer. One of the most popular types of high-efficiency PV modules is the monocrystalline silicon cell, which consists of a single silicon crystal. Monocrystalline cells are considered the most efficient type of solar cell because they can capture a large amount of the sun's energy. They are also very durable and therefore ideal for outdoor use.

High-performance solar module 12V and 24V for motorhomes and co. from Offgridtec

Offgridtec offers many first-class high-performance solar modules for a wide range of applications. For example, you can purchase rigid modules in our shop that are perfect for installation on the roof. We also offer high-quality and practical foldable solar panels that are perfect for camping or holidays with the caravan!

Buy high performance solar panels online at Offgridtec

High-efficiency PV modules are a great way to reduce your energy bills and make your PV system more energy efficient. At Offgridtec, you will find the most modern modules and benefit from our excellent advisory service. Call us on +49 8721 91994-00 or email us: [email protected]. Our team of experts will be happy to advise you on our products!


  1. What are the most powerful solar modules? High-performance solar modules are the most efficient and strongest modules on the market due to their advanced technology. The technology varies depending on the manufacturer, but at Offgridtec you can rely on the latest technology from the best manufacturers in the industry!
  2. Which photovoltaic modules have the highest efficiency? The efficiency of solar modules describes the power of the modules per area. Accordingly, high-performance solar modules have the highest efficiency on the market.
  3. How much KW does a solar module produce? How much electricity a solar module produces depends on the type of module, its efficiency and the amount of sunlight it receives. In general, a standard module produces about 150 to 230 kilowatt hours of electricity per year.
  4. How many watts does a solar module produce? This depends on which solar modules you choose and how big your budget and needs are. At Offgridtec you will find a wide variety of solar modules with different outputs. With us, you are sure to find the perfect solution!