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Battery Isolators

To distribute the charging current of a power source to several battery groups at the same time, there are various possibilities. One of them is the use of our high-quality battery isolating diodes. At Offgridtec, you will find exactly the right battery isolating diode for your needs. Browse through our online shop today and find the right accessories for your batteries!

The three ways to charge two or three batteries at the same time

To charge interconnected batteries at the same time without running the risk of discharging, there are three possible options:

  1. Charging current distributors distribute the charging current evenly to up to three batteries without coupling them together. This is the most effective way of preventing the batteries from discharging, for example when a more powerful consumer is used.
  2. A cut-off relay is an electromagnetic switch that mechanically separates the batteries from each other, which results in no voltage loss. However, the simple cut-off relay mostly requires a pulse, usually from the D+ alternator.
  3. Isolating diodes are semiconductor elements that distribute charging current. They regulate the current so that it can only flow in one direction. Accordingly, this enables simultaneous charging and prevents mutual discharging. However, when they are used, approx. 0.7V is lost, which means that the battery can never be fully charged.

At Offgridtec, we carry high-quality isolating diodes that minimise voltage loss. For example, in various models of the Victron Energy brand, the voltage loss is kept very low by using modern Schottky diodes. Thus, it is approx. 0.3V at low currents and approx. 0.45V at nominal current. In addition, some models are equipped with a compensation diode that compensates for voltage losses by slightly increasing the output voltage of the current source.

Buy high quality battery isolating diodes online at Offgridtec

Our Offgridtec online shop offers our customers only the best products at low prices. Among them you will find a wide range of battery accessories, such as various battery isolating diodes, among which you are sure to find exactly the right one for your needs.

If you have any questions about our range, we will of course be happy to help. For both private customers and specialist dealers, we offer our customer service on +49 8721 91994-00 and are also happy to answer your questions by e-mail: [email protected].


  1. What is an isolating diode? With an isolating diode, several batteries can be charged from one power source without the batteries being connected to each other.
  2. What are the disadvantages of an isolating diode? The disadvantage of an isolating diode is the voltage drop, which causes losses at the diode. Thus, the battery is never fully charged. However, Offgridtec carries modern models that minimise the voltage loss down to 0.3V.
  3. What are the possibilities for charging batteries at the same time? There are three different ways to charge several batteries at the same time: Isolating diodes, isolating relays and charging current distributors. All three distribute the charging current of a power source to several batteries at the same time without connecting them.
  4. What should be considered when buying an isolating diode? When buying an isolating diode, you should make sure that it is a modern model that keeps the voltage losses as low as possible, for example by using a compensation diode.