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Water Heater

In the summer house, mobile home or caravan: with the revolutionary Fothermo water boiler, you are always reliably and independently supplied with hot water. Fothermo is the leading supplier of unique photovoltaic boiler systems, which you will of course find at Offgridtec at the best price!

Fothermo: the first photovoltaic water boiler

Fothermo develops and produces unique photovoltaic boiler systems for life on the road. This boiler uses the sun's energy to provide hot water in your motorhome or garden shed. It is the first of its kind and its innovative design makes it the ideal choice for your next outdoor adventure!

Photovoltaic boiler from Fothermo for mobile homes, Tiny Houses and Co.

With a water boiler from Fothermo, you use solar energy directly and store it as hot water. The intelligent solution from the premium brand Fothermo reinvents the hot water supply in the motorhome, garden or tiny house, so you can enjoy more comfort in your mobile home.

You can decide individually whether you want to heat the boiler with photovoltaic modules or battery, because both are flexibly possible. The system can be connected to your PV modules or to your on-board battery. The energy generated is then used to heat a boiler tank that supplies you with hot water. The heating process is fully automated, so you have hot water all day long.

The Fothermo boiler is available in different sizes, from 10 to 80 litres. So it can be perfectly adapted to your needs, because your water consumption is completely individual. For hot water supply, you can get a complete Fothermo system with boiler and solar panels in our shop, as well as the matching accessories.

Buy Water Boiler from Fothermo online at a great price with Offgridtec

If you are looking for an efficient and cost-effective option for mobile hot water supply, Fothermo is just what you need: with its innovative technology and easy set-up and maintenance, the Fothermo boiler is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to reduce their energy costs and their environmental impact. Find the right system now at Offgridtec!

If you have any questions about our Fothermo Boiler systems or if you would like some advice, just give us a call on +49 8721 91994-00 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Is a boiler an electricity guzzler? The Fothermo photovoltaic boiler uses the electricity generated from solar panels to heat water. This means you use it efficiently and cost-effectively and even store energy.
  2. How many litres should a boiler hold for two people? The Fothermo boiler is available in different sizes, which are also sufficient for two people. With an economy shower head, you use energy and hot water even more efficiently, because here 25l is often enough!
  3. Can you make hot water with photovoltaics? The Fothermo boiler can use solar energy to produce hot water. In addition, the boiler can be equipped with a heating element and powered either by an on-board battery or a rechargeable battery.
  4. Are Fothermo boilers suitable for camping? Designed for camping and caravanning, Fothermo boilers are easy to set up and install and give you the maximum freedom when you are on the move.