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Solar Charge Controller

Monitor and regulate the current flow of your solar system more effectively with a Votronic charge controller. These are known worldwide for their maximum efficiency and optimal performance. Let us show you why a Votronic charge controller is also the ideal choice for your solar system.

This is why a solar charge controller is important

A solar regulator is a must for every self-sufficient solar system, regardless of whether a boat, motorhome or other vehicle needs to be supplied with power. The charge controller is connected between the battery and the solar module and has the following tasks:

  • It ensures that the electricity from the solar panels is directed to the battery for storage.
  • It detects when the battery is empty or full to start or stop charging.

The voltage of the solar modules is significantly higher than that of a battery, which is why a direct connection can cause severe damage. However, a charge controller protects your battery from deep or overcharging as well as from a short circuit.

Advantages of the MPP charge controller solar controller from Votronic

Votronic produces high-quality solar charge controllers for mobile and maritime applications. There is also a marine version of each model.

Votronic offers charge controllers with different technologies: On the one hand the SR solar controllers and on the other hand the MPPT solar controllers. We offer the latter in our online shop.

The special thing about MPPT technology MPPT stands for Max Power Point Tracking - and not without reason. Thanks to an MPPT controller, solar modules and battery do not have to have the same nominal voltage. The position controller can efficiently convert the high PV voltage into a lower charging voltage for the battery and the respective end devices.

Buy high-quality Votronic solar controllers online at Offgridtec

A solar controller is an essential part of any stand-alone solar system and ensures that the battery is charged to full capacity efficiently. Votronics solar controllers impress dealers and customers alike with their efficiency and performance. The products are designed for longevity and offer you optimal durability and reliability - exactly the qualities you need when you are on the move. Get a solar regulator from Votronic now at Offgridtec so that you never run out of power on tour!

Our team of experts is always on hand to answer any questions you may have about Votronic solar charge controllers and making the right choice, just give us a call on 08721 91994-00 if you need help.


  1. Which charge controllers are the best? Votronic is one of the best-known brands when it comes to high-quality solar charge controllers. The manufacturer uses intelligent microprocessor controls, with which charging times, charging currents and charging voltages can be precisely maintained.
  2. Which solar charge controller do I need? All solar charge controllers from Votronic have special charge programmes for classic lead batteries as well as for lithium batteries. Nevertheless, you should use a charge controller with MPP technology for charging a lithium battery in order to benefit from the technical advantages.
  3. Is a solar charge controller necessary? Yes, especially if you want to generate and use electricity via a self-sufficient solar system. It converts the generated direct current from the PV into a usable form and also acts as a transformer that precisely adjusts the voltage for the battery and the end devices.
  4. What does a solar charge controller do? A solar regulator is essential for any independent solar system, be it a boat, a motorhome or any other means of transport. It is connected between the battery and the solar module and has the task of storing the energy supplied by the modules in the battery and detecting when the battery has reached its charge and discharge limits.