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WATTSTONE - a renowned provider of innovative mounting solutions for photovoltaic modules. Through its expertise and commitment to quality and innovation, Wattstone has made a name for itself in the solar industry.  With a clear focus on simplicity and sustainability, Wattstone is shaping the future of the solar industry to be more efficient and environmentally friendly.


The FencePV mounting package enables the seamless integration of a PV module and an inverter into your fence, regardless of whether you opt for a vertical or horizontal installation. By placing the PV modules vertically on the picket fence, significantly more electricity is generated than would be the case with a conventional rooftop solar system, especially during the morning and evening hours when energy demand is high. Even in unfavourable weather conditions, such as wind and vibrations, the robust construction ensures reliable performance and guarantees continuous energy generation. With ZaunPV, you can turn your fence into a sustainable power source.


High electricity yield despite the low position of the sun - this is possible thanks to the WallPV mounting systems from Wattstone. The mounting system was developed for vertical mounting of PV modules on your house wall. In the morning and evening hours, when electricity demand is at its highest, WandPV provides the perfect solution and electricity where typical PV systems can barely generate power. With WandPV, you can turn your wall into a sustainable power source.

Wattstone concrete base

The new L-bricks from Wattstone make it easier and quicker to install solar energy systems on flat roofs without having to drill through the roof cladding and obtain additional weights. Solar systems can now be fixed directly to bases made of fine-pored concrete with integrated threaded sleeves - without having to assemble the substructure. Furthermore, the concrete bases mean that no additional weighting or fastening of the mounting is necessary, as the heavy L-bricks weigh enough to safely expose the solar modules to wind and weather.


  1. What kind of company is Wattstone? Wattstone is a leading company in the field of renewable energy and sustainability.
  2. What are the advantages of ZaunPV? 1. no additional space required. 2. privacy protection and power generation in one.
  3. How do the Wattstone concrete bases differ from conventional mounting systems? The Wattstone concrete bases are specially designed L-bricks with a heavy weight, which do not require drilling through the roof cladding or additional weights.
  4. Why is the WandPV mounting system from Wattstone a good choice? WandPV allows PV modules to be mounted vertically on house walls, which enables a high electricity yield even when the sun is low.