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Caravan Solar Systems

Travelling in a motorhome brings with it a sense of freedom, especially when you visit pristine and remote locations. With Offgridtec's complete PV kits, you can transform your motorhome into an off-grid oasis of solar energy. Discover how you can be self-sufficient on the road and experience true freedom with Offgridtec!

Solar power system for motorhomes: The complete set for camping

Photovoltaics are not only suitable for domestic use, but can also be used for other useful applications. More and more people are using solar systems specially designed for motorhomes to generate their own electricity while on the road. If you also want to equip your motorhome with solar systems, Offgridtec is the right place for you.

This is how a motorhome solar system works

With your own photovoltaic system for your motorhome, you convert light into electricity using solar cells. An essential component of the solar system is the necessary battery with sufficient capacity to store the generated energy for a later time through a solar controller.

Expert recommendation: Which solar system for motorhomes is available?

If you want to install a solar system on your motorhome, you have several options:

Foldable and flexible solar systems for camping

Flexible modules can be glued to the camper's roof to save space. Foldable solar modules are relatively new on the market and particularly interesting for campers. These mobile solar modules are particularly practical as they can be placed on the windscreen or in the sun while you park in the shade.

Robust solar systems for motorhomes

A mobile solar system on the camper can also be realised by rigid modules that are mounted on the roof of the camper. These are superior to flexible modules in high heat, because with rigid modules a decrease in power due to air circulation is prevented.

Buy high-quality solar systems for motorhomes (PV system complete set) online.

Are you not quite sure which solar system to buy for your mobile home? Then simply ask our experts! We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about solar power and find the right solar system for your motorhome. Call us without obligation on: +49 8721 91994-00 or send an email to [email protected]. We look forward to meeting you!


  1. How big should a solar system for a motorhome be? The size of your solar system depends on your personal electricity consumption. You should calculate this before buying so that you can decide on the right model.
  2. How useful is solar on a motorhome? A solar system is a very sensible investment for your motorhome. It allows you to live more independently on the road, as you are less dependent on mains electricity.
  3. What are the best solar systems for motorhomes? Which solar system is the best for your motorhome depends entirely on your ideas, wishes and (electricity) needs. With us you will find everything you could wish for, from foldable models to rigid complete sets.
  4. How much does a solar system for my motorhome cost? A solar system for your motorhome doesn't have to be expensive. In our online shop, you can get a complete set for generating electricity on the road for less than 240€.