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Energy Storage

Growatt's reliable and efficient energy storage systems offer an innovative way to use and store solar energy effectively to increase your energy independence. The high-quality energy storage systems are designed to perfectly meet individual needs and requirements.

What is an energy storage system?

An energy storage system is a system that absorbs energy, stores it and releases it again when required. This process makes it possible to store energy at a time when it is available and cheap, and then use it when it is needed or when the energy source is not available. Energy storage plays a crucial role in the integration of renewable energy sources as it helps to balance the fluctuations in energy production.

Energy storage can be used in different ways depending on the requirements of the system or application. They serve to improve the reliability of the energy supply, support the integration of renewable energies, increase grid stability and balance peak loads. The use of energy storage systems therefore helps to use energy more efficiently and make the energy system as a whole more flexible and sustainable.

Growatt energy storage systems at a glance

Growatt energy storage systems represent an innovative solution for the efficient storage and use of solar energy. With a focus on reliability and adaptability, Growatt energy storage systems offer a wide range of features. The APX series LiFePO4 battery modules are characterized by high performance, long life and safety, while the modular design allows for easy installation and expansion. The APX battery management system even allows the mixing of different battery batches and capacities within one storage unit.

The flexible storage solution with a capacity of 5 kWh up to 30 kWh not only offers an advanced solution for energy storage, but also a way to increase energy independence. Growatt energy storage systems also support emergency power supply through the SYN 50-XH-30 Back-Up Box and offer a modular high-voltage option for flexible applications with the ARK series. Growatt energy storage systems enable the reliable, safe and adaptable integration of renewable energies into the everyday lives of households and businesses.

Buy Growatt energy storage systems online at Offgridtec

Using an energy storage system gives you a certain degree of independence from energy suppliers, as you can use your self-generated electricity for your own consumption. Growatt energy storage systems offer a range of benefits that lead to more efficient and reliable use of solar energy and other renewable energy sources.

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  1. What are the benefits of Growatt's APX series LiFePO4 battery modules? Growatt's APX Series LiFePO4 battery modules offer an impressive combination of high performance, long life and increased safety. This advanced battery technology ensures reliable energy storage, which contributes to the efficient use of solar energy.
  2. Can I mix different battery batches and capacities within one energy storage system? Yes, Growatt's APX battery management system allows the mixing of old and new battery batches as well as batteries with different capacities within one storage unit. This flexibility makes it easier to update and expand the system.
  3. Do Growatt's energy storage systems offer support for emergency power supply? Yes, the SYN 50-XH-30 Back-Up Box from Growatt enables the energy storage units to act as an emergency power supply. In critical situations, this provides a reliable power source and increases the security of supply.
  4. How easy is it to install and expand Growatt energy storage systems? Growatt's energy storage systems are characterized by their modular design, which enables easy installation and flexible expansion. This makes it easier to adapt the system to individual requirements and facilitates integration into existing systems.