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DIY Electronics

Would you like to develop your own PV system without having to rely on outside help? If so, Offgridtec is here to help you. Our DIY electrical engineering division provides you with the tools, materials and expertise you need to develop a successful PV system.

DIY electrical engineering for PV systems

At Offgridtec, we know that the best way to learn is to do it yourself. That's why we offer a wide range of DIY components to help you install and optimise your own PV system. From small to larger projects, we have the tools and accessories you need to get the job done successfully.

With us, you can easily find the parts you need for your own solar installation.

Whether you're a professional or a hobbyist, our selection of DIY electrotechnical supplies has something for everyone. In our range, you will find the perfect components from renowned brands for your sustainable projects - and at prices that won't break the budget.

By the way: Our selection of electronics and electrotechnical accessories is constantly being expanded. So check back regularly to find the latest components and devices.

Buy DIY electrical engineering for PV systems online now at Offgridtec.

From the beginner just getting started with DIY electrical engineering to the expert looking for the most advanced components, Offgridtec has the products you need for a successful solar installation. We offer our customers the best in quality, safety and reliability. With a dedicated team of professionals and a large inventory of products, we are able to provide you with the best in solar system design and construction.

Do you have questions or need help choosing the right components for your DIY electronics? Then don't hesitate to contact our specialists! You can reach us on +49 8721 91994-00 or send an email to [email protected].


  1. Where can I find DIY electrical engineering? Offgridtec offers a wide range of DIY components, including solar modules, charge controllers, inverters, batteries and much more. We also stock a wide range of components, such as diodes, developers, circuit boards, motors and generators to help you install and optimise your own PV system.
  2. What is a potentiometer? The potentiometer, also known as a rotary or sliding potentiometer, is an electrical resistance element whose resistance value you can adjust by simply turning a knob or sliding a switch. Potentiometers are typically used to control electronic devices and components and are therefore invaluable in a variety of applications.
  3. Am I allowed to install my PV system myself? It is perfectly legal to install the PV modules yourself, but you must have the entire system connected by an electrician. This ensures that the installation is safe and complies with all relevant electrical regulations.
  4. What is an experimental circuit board? Experimental boards and all the associated components such as solder traces, breadboards and wire bridges are essential for building electrical circuits without soldering. With the help of these utensils as well as jumpers and soldering strips, you can quickly and easily build circuits for testing and experimenting.