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Gel Batteries

Gel batteries from Offgridtec are perfect for all vehicles - especially seasonal vehicles such as motorbikes, boats or motorhomes. Our gel battery is designed to the highest standards of durability and stability, so you can be confident that your vehicle is always protected. In addition, the encapsulated design helps to increase safety and gives you the peace of mind that you can drive safely even on unpaved roads and rough terrain.

Gel batteries - the robust companions for on the road

In a lead-gel battery, the liquid electrolyte is bound with silicic acid, creating a gel-like mass that has a stabilising effect inside the battery. Gel batteries therefore offer better protection against corrosion than conventional batteries. The sealed construction prevents any gas formation that may occur during operation.

Gel battery for solar systems

Gel batteries are an important part of a solar system, as they are needed to store the energy generated. Lead-gel batteries are often used as solar power storage because they can absorb the small solar currents much better than conventional lead-acid batteries. Gel batteries are a popular choice among solar system owners because they provide a reliable and efficient power supply. They are easy to install and reliable at various temperatures and can even be used as a backup power source.

Gel battery for power supply in the caravan

Batteries based on lead gel can be used for up to twelve years. In addition, you can give off a higher proportion of your energy compared to lead-acid or AGM batteries. This makes them very interesting, especially for the mobile sector. The use of gel batteries in motorhomes and caravans has proven itself through many years of experience, which is why they are often installed in motorhomes as basic equipment.

Buy high-quality gel batteries online

Discover the superior performance of our premium gel batteries! Our experienced photovoltaic specialists will be happy to advise you honestly and competently in your purchase decision, so that you are guaranteed to make the right choice. Call us simply and without obligation at: +49 8721 91994-00 or send an e-mail to [email protected].


  1. What is the advantage of a gel battery? Gel batteries have only a small wear and thus a longer service life. Likewise, gel batteries are maintenance-free and extremely robust compared to conventional lead-acid batteries.
  2. What is a gel battery? The gel battery is a lead-acid battery in which the electrolyte is bound with the help of silica and thus assumes a gel-like state. This has a wide variety of advantages for different uses.
  3. What is the difference between AGM and gel batteries? The AGM battery is a further development of a lead-acid battery. The difference lies in the different binding of the electrolyte. With the AGM battery, the electrolyte is bound into a glass fiber fleece and not put into a gel-like state by silica.
  4. Which is better: a gel or lithium battery? For frequent recharging, a lithium battery is recommended. This can be charged up to 2000 times. The number of charging cycles for a gel battery is about 500.