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12V-24V Solar Modules

Solar modules are the most important components of any solar installation. They are responsible for converting solar energy into electricity and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and technologies. Of course, you will find everything you need for your solar system in the best quality at Offgridtec. Soon you too will be generating your own green electricity!

What are solar modules: How they work and types

All solar modules contain photovoltaic cells in their structure that convert solar energy into electricity. These cells are then arranged into a larger module, which in turn is connected together to form a solar system.

Flexible and foldable solar modules

Flexible and foldable solar modules are lightweight, powerful and very mobile, so they can be used in different environments. They provide a cost-effective and efficient source of energy for motor homes, cars, boats and camping.

Another advantage is their ease of installation, as they are simple to glue down or, in the case of solar cases, just set up. This makes them ideal for use in motorhomes.

High-performance solar modules

High-performance solar modules are popular because they are more efficient than normal solar modules. This means that they have a high efficiency, i.e. they can generate more electricity per surface area, which makes them ideal for large installations. Thus, the solar cells of high-performance solar modules work particularly efficiently.

Solar module 12V and 24V for motorhome, camping, balcony and roof

A 12V solar panel is ideal for small applications, such as power supply in the camping area. A 24V solar panel, on the other hand, is better suited for larger applications, such as power supply in the home, including washing machine and e-car.

For every application you can imagine, we have high-quality solar modules with different outputs in our range. So you too can find the perfect solar modules for your purposes!

Solarmodule 12V/14V von Top-Herstellern online bei Offgridtec kaufen

Sind Sie auf der Suche nach einer zuverlässigen, effizienten und kostensparenden Stromquelle auf dem Campingplatz, unterwegs oder Zuhause? Alles für Ihre Solaranlage finden Sie in bester Qualität von Qualitäts-Herstellern der Branche im Online-Shop von Offgridtec!

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  1. Which is better: a 12V or 24V solar system? Here it is important to know your system voltage. This varies depending on the application, so in some situations a 12V system makes more sense and in others a 24V system. Get comprehensive advice from our team of experts at Offgridtec to make the right decision!
  2. Which solar modules are most effective? High-performance solar modules achieve the highest efficiency and are therefore the most effective. Of course, you will find the best and most powerful modules directly in our shop!
  3. Which solar modules have the best low-light performance? Here you should always check the module data. In general, thin-film modules have good low-light behaviour, unlike mono- or polycrystalline solar modules.
  4. Which solar module has the highest efficiency? High-performance solar modules have the highest efficiency. The efficiency varies depending on the progress of the technology and the manufacturer.