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Electronical Accessories

For a fully functional solar system - on your roof, balcony or Wnhnmobil - you need the right electronic accessories and sometimes spare parts. At Offgridtec you will find everything you need for the proper operation of your solar panel! Shop with us now and get the most out of your solar system!

Electronic accessories: Everything for your PV system

A PV system can save you a lot of energy costs, but only if everything runs smoothly and functions properly. That's why we have all the cables you need for your batteries or solar panels, as well as remote control panels and mains plugs.

Accessories for mains inverters and voltage transformers

The inverter is the central component of every solar power system, because it converts the direct current of the solar modules into grid-compliant alternating current and feeds it into the public grid. This is the only way you can use your solar power! Find the necessary mains plugs and extension cables as accessories for your mains inverter and voltage converter!

Accessories for charge controllers

Protecting a battery from deep and overcharging as well as from a short circuit is the main function of a charge controller. This device can significantly extend the life of a battery and should always be used in a self-sufficient solar system. With us you will find the necessary accessories for your charge controller, from the remote control to the extension cable!

Buy high quality electronic accessories and spare parts online at Offgridtec

With our selection of components, you can ensure that your solar system functions optimally and without restrictions.

At Offgridtec, we can provide you with comprehensive advice if you have any questions about your solar system and the necessary accessories. We are also happy to support you in your search for spare parts. Simply call us without obligation on +49 8721 91994-00 to receive personal advice from our team of experts.


  1. What equipment do you need for a solar system? You need some equipment for a complete solar system so that it can go into operation. For example, inverters are needed, but also electricity storage and wiring for all components. Most important, however, are the solar modules themselves.
  2. Can I install a photovoltaic system myself? You can assemble and install a balcony power plant yourself, but for a PV system on the roof of a house or carport we recommend trained specialists and special tools.
  3. What does a charge controller do? A charge controller is used to protect the battery from deep and overcharging as well as from short circuits.
  4. What does a mains inverter do? An inverter is an electrical device that can convert direct current into alternating current.