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For more than 30 years, the German certified family business Kemo Electronic has been writing success stories in the electronics industry. Experience the success for yourself! At Offgridtec, you have a wide selection of quality Kemo products that are sure to enrich your life.

Kemo - The top technology for your photovoltaic system

Kemo Electronic GmbH is a reliable supplier of high-quality products in the field of electronics. The company has set itself the goal of supplying modern electronic solutions that meet the highest standards. This is achieved through continuous improvements in the production process and adaptation to current customer needs.

The company manufactures a wide range of products, including modules for solar systems, loudspeakers and lighting technology, as well as animal distributors.

Converters & controllers from Kemo Electronic for your photovoltaic system

Kemo produces and develops high-quality converters and controllers for your photovoltaic system. The controller serves as the connection between the battery and the solar module. To ensure that the battery is optimally charged, the solar regulator prevents overcharging or back-discharging when the sun is not shining on the module. The converter then converts the generated DC voltage into AC voltage so that the solar energy can be used for household purposes.

Light & Sound Electronics from Kemo Electronic

Kemo Electronic also develops various products for audio and lighting electronics. From high-quality laser and infrared technology to loudspeakers and amplifiers, you will find only the best of the best under this brand.

Animal Repeller from Kemo Electronic

Kemo animal repellents are ultrasonic generators that emit siren-like sounds that are generally unpleasant to animals and cause them to avoid a certain area. This device is used to deter rodents, insects, game, birds, etc.

Buy quality products from Kemo Electronic online

Experience the superior technology of Kemo Electronic - and at a great price! Buy now safely, inexpensively and conveniently via our online shop and soon enjoy the best Kemo has to offer.

Our team of experts is always on hand with experience and know-how if you have any questions about our range and service. Call us on +49 8721 91994-00 or email [email protected] if you need help choosing the right product or would like personal advice.


  1. What is the quality of Kemo Electronic? Kemo Electronic has been an expert in the field of electronics for more than 30 years and manufactures a wide range of high-quality products.
  2. What are converters and regulators in solar technology? A regulator ensures that the battery is charged optimally without overcharging it. Converters are devices that convert DC voltage into AC voltage so that the solar energy generated can be used in the home.
  3. Who needs an inverter? An inverter is needed by anyone who wants to feed the electricity from their PV system into the grid or use it for household-type electronic devices.
  4. What is an animal distributor? Kemo animal repellents refer to devices that use ultrasonic pulsations to produce an unpleasant sound that most animals find unpleasant and avoid.