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Battery Monitoring Battery protection

To avoid costly damage caused by an unexpected loss of voltage, a deep discharge or an overcharge, it is important to know how much energy a battery can still supply. A battery monitor is the ideal device to keep track of this information. At Offgridtec, you will find high-quality battery monitors from Victron Energy in various designs from 12 to 48V. This important battery accessory helps to avoid unpleasant surprises such as a discharged battery in your motorhome or boat.

This is how battery monitoring works

A battery monitor, such as a battery monitor or battery computer, is an important component of battery management systems. This small component is attached directly to the supply battery to measure outgoing and incoming currents from there. From this, the device calculates various values.

Often, the type of battery can be specified in battery monitoring systems, so that all common battery types - whether lithium, AGM or gel - can be monitored and evaluated. Since the current measurement of most devices is very accurate, it is also easier to identify faults in the electronics.

Battery monitoring with 12/24/48V in brand quality

At Offgridtec you will find a large selection of battery monitoring systems from the world-famous brand Victron Energy. To ensure that you also find a product that exactly meets your requirements, we have clearly listed the top versions of this manufacturer here:

  • Battery balancer
  • Battery protect series
  • BVM Battery Monitors
  • Lynx Series

Buy high quality battery monitoring now at a great price from Offgridtec

Protect your battery with Victron Energy battery monitors from Offgridtec. These powerful monitors are compatible with all common battery types and allow regular, accurate monitoring of the battery voltage. With this reliable monitoring system, you can prevent potential battery damage and save money in the long run. So what are you waiting for? Order now!

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  1. What is a battery monitor? A battery monitor is a small component that is connected directly to a battery to measure incoming and outgoing currents from it. This protects the battery from deep discharge and voltage loss.
  2. What is a battery shunt? A battery shunt is a measuring resistor that measures the exact current flow at a battery and transmits it to the battery monitor.
  3. What does a battery monitor calculate? Based on the currents flowing in and out of the battery, a battery monitor can measure many values. These include: Current, electrical voltage, ampere-hour, state of charge, remaining time, temperature, accuracy of current measurement.
  4. How do I connect a battery monitor? You simply disconnect the battery's terminals and connect them to the corresponding terminals of the battery monitor. When the monitor is connected, it will automatically measure the current flow of the battery. It then shows you the power values either on the display or via Bluetooth or app.