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The Victron Battery-Protect bp-220 (mpn bpr122022000) disconnects the battery from the less important loads before it is completely discharged (which would damage it) or before it no longer has enough power to start the engine, etc. In addition, the bp series has overvoltage protection that shuts down the load at 16v, or 32v battery voltage and prevents damage. The bp supports agm, lead acid, gel and lithium batteries.

6 different shutdown thresholds adjustable

The battery protect is very flexible can be set to different shutdown voltages. The following shutdown thresholds can be activated on the device: 10.5v / 21v, 10v / 20v, 9.5v / 19v, 11.25v / 22.5v, 11.5v / 23v,11.8v 23.6V

In addition, there are different reset thresholds that you can choose for most of the shutdown thresholds. This device is the perfect protection for your battery and ensures maximum lifetime, because most voltage converters or charge controllers have an undervoltage protection, but this intervenes only at quite low values which are usually in the range of 10.5v / 21v. The higher this cut-off threshold, the longer you will enjoy your batteries, which are usually quite costly.

Selection of the shutdown threshold

Depending on the battery type, there are different minimum battery voltages that must be maintained in order not to damage the battery. For AGM/Gel batteries we recommend to set the Batteryprotect to 11,5v cutoff threshold. For lithium batteries (LifePo4) 12.0v cut-off threshold is recommended. Depending on the purpose of the battery, it may be necessary to change these limits. Manufacturers also give different specifications for their batteries. Therefore, always check with the battery manufacturer which shutdown threshold is the right one for your battery!

Summary of essential product features

  • For 12v and 24v batteries with automatic detection of the voltage range of the battery bank
  • 6 different cutoff voltages selectable
  • 220a maximum continuous current
  • Easy programming and status display of settings via seven-segment display
  • Extra mode for lithium batteries - in this mode the bp can be controlled by the VE.Bus bms
  • very low power consumption
  • Explosion protection by integrated MOSFET switches which replace the relays and reduce the risk of sparking to zero
  • integrated alarm output

Output for delayed alarm

The alarm output is activated when the battery voltage drops below the preset value for shutdown for more than 12 seconds. Therefore, turning on the engine will not activate the alarm. The alarm output is a short-circuit protected open collector output connected to the negative (minus) rail. Max. Current 50 mA. The alarm output is normally used to activate an audible signal, led or relay.

Load disconnection and reconnection delay

The load is disconnected 90 seconds after the alarm is activated. If the battery voltage rises again to the threshold for connection within this period (after the motor has been started, for example), the load will not be disconnected. The load is reconnected 30 seconds after the battery voltage exceeds the specified voltage value for reconnection.

Scope of delivery:
1x Victron bpR122022000 bp-220 battery protection 220a 12v 24v
1x instruction manual

Victron_Smart_BP_12V_24V_Broschuere.pdf Download
Victron_Smart_BP_12V_24V_Manual.pdf Download
Ambient temperature: -40°C - +40°C
Dimensions: 12,3 x 12 x 6,2 cm
Manufacturer: Victron Energy
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 0,8 kg
mpn: BPR122022000 Reviews with
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