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Solar System Autarkic

Say goodbye to expensive grid connections and hello to self-sufficiency with Offgridtec! With our self-sufficient solar systems, you can supply your garage or garden with electricity without having to bear the high costs of a grid connection. We offer self-sufficient photovoltaic systems in various power classes - with or without storage. Don't wait any longer and enjoy the freedom of off-grid living today!

Self-sufficient electricity for the garden, garage or home

At Offgridtec, you receive self-sufficient solar systems as a complete system. Depending on the package, our systems are made up of different components.

Self-sufficient solar system with or without storage tank

In our online shop, you can choose from various complete packages. These come to you with or without battery storage, depending on the package and your needs. Complete systems with battery storage are worthwhile for your garden or garage, in order to be able to supply your electrical devices there independently of a mains connection. You also have the option of buying a complete package with a water boiler instead of a battery.

Prices for a self-sufficient solar system at a glance

In our Offgridtec online shop, the basic complete system starts at around €100. Depending on how much power, battery storage and accessories you need, the costs can be significantly higher. However, these will pay for themselves after a short time, as your solar system makes you more independent of your electricity provider.

Choosing the right stand-alone solar system

When selecting a self-sufficient solar system, it depends on the location as well as the desired output that you would like to generate self-sufficiently. Our experts will be happy to advise you on which solar system is best suited for your purposes.

Buy self-sufficient solar system from Offgridtec online now

With a self-sufficient solar system, you can supply your garden, garage and much more with electricity - even if there is no grid connection available. Our solar experts will be happy to advise you on choosing the right system for your needs. Contact us today on +49 8721 91994-00 or by email at [email protected] and get expert advice.


  1. Can you be self-sufficient with a photovoltaic system? With the help of a photovoltaic system supplemented by a battery storage system, you can build up a self-sufficient power supply for your garden or garage. However, problems can arise if you want to operate many power-intensive devices simultaneously via your system.
  2. What does a self-sufficient solar system cost? You can purchase a self-sufficient complete system in our online shop starting at a price of approx. 100 €. This basic package includes a 30 Watt solar panel, a charge controller and various connection cables.
  3. What do I need for a self-sufficient solar system? For a self-sufficient solar system, you need one or more solar panels, a suitable battery, a solar charge controller, cables to connect the individual components and a voltage converter to be able to use the produced and stored electricity.