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The basicPremium-L 200w Solaranlage 12v 24v from Offgridtec (mpn 4-01-002635), is based on a high-quality, monocrystalline 200 wp solar module and the convenient pwm-12/24-30a charge controller with LCD display. The basicPremium series also comes with a matching 8m solar connection cable (solar module to charge controller) and 1.5m battery connection cable - each from the Pro-Connect series. The average daily yield in the period from March to October is about 800 wh*. The solar power of the system can be easily increased by several modules later if your needs increase. The system offers all basic components needed to charge your battery with self-produced solar power. This combination makes it the perfect base for a variety of possible solar applications.

High quality basic set for various applications

Offgridtec Solar sets of the basicPremium series consist of basic components that every self-sufficient solar power system needs, regardless of whether the system is to be used on a garden shed, the garage or in mobile applications. We constantly focus on high quality of all delivered components to ensure reliability and a long life expectancy of the system. Our 100w solar module is equipped with the best monocrystalline cells and is produced and tested using the latest manufacturing technology. The remaining components of the set also follow this quality standard: The plug & play connection cables "made in Germany" are designed to keep the installation effort as low as possible without compromising on the connection quality. The pwm-12/24-30a Pro charge controller, with its convenient display and up-to-date charging algorithms, ensures easy operation of the system and perfect charging of your batteries. The basicPremium family is a mature product that has proven itself thousands of times in practice and offers the ideal starting point for a wide range of applications.

applications Solaranlage

  • 12v or 24v dc power supply in garden sheds, allotments and similar objects
  • self-sufficient systems for outdoor lighting applications
  • self-sufficient monitoring and communication systems or weather stations
  • charging of smartphones, tablets or other devices with 12v / 5v dc power supply

Performance parameters at a glance

  • average daily yield: 800 wh
  • Expandability of solar power by using the same panel to max. 300 wp (at 24v = 700 wp)
  • Available power outputs: 5v dc and 12v dc at the charge controller (230v only with optional voltage converter)

Components of the basicPremium-L 200w Solaranlage 12v 24v

  • 2 x Offgridtec 100w V2 Solarpanel 23V black frame
    • Rated power: 200 wp, part number: 3-01-018385
    • Operating voltage (Vmp) 23,9 v, operating current (Imp) 4,2 a
    • equipped with high quality monocrystalline solar cells
    • minimized power loss during shading due to integrated bypass diode
    • black frame
    • Solar connector, dimensions (WxLxH): 925 x 560 x 35 mm, weight: 6,22 Kg
  • 1 x PwM-12/24-30 Pro solar controller 12v/24v
    • max. charging current 30 a, max. PV power at 12v / 24v system: 390 w / 780 w
    • modern, 3-stage PwM charge control for gentle and efficient charging of your battery(ies)
    • 3 battery types adjustable: agm, gel, and liquid lead acid
    • intuitive operation via 2 buttons directly on the device
    • large LCD display with numerous display options, including kwh meter
    • 2 usb ports with a maximum output power of 2.4a
    • Load output with numerous configuration options, e.g. for light control
    • Temperature compensated battery charging (optional temperature sensor required)
  • 1x 8m 2x6mm² solar connection cable controller/solar module
    • TwIN cable, plug & play - ready for immediate use
    • Solar connector on solar module side, ferrules on charge controller side
    • highest quality solar cable: TwIN cable
    • wire cross section: 2x6mm², length: 8m
  • 1x 1,5 2x6mm² 30 a battery connection cable controller/battery (Offgridtec)
    • Plug & Play - immediately ready for use
    • wire cross section: 2x6mm², length: 1,5m
    • including flat fuse holder with built-in 30 a aTO fuse
    • ferrules on charge controller side, m8 ring terminals on battery side
    • incl. battery pole terminals for connection to round pole terminals
  • 1x Offgridtec branching sockets Y-connector (pair)

Flexible and very easy to install

The system is very easy to install, even by people who have little experience with solar technology. The cables are all delivered plug & play, ready for connection. You only need to connect the components together and the power production can begin.

Expandable, customizable

like every system from Offgridtec, the basicPremium-S can also be individually adapted and modified to your requirements. Our technical sales department is looking forward to your inquiry. Please contact customer service for any costs that may be incurred.

Scope of delivery:

1x Offgridtec 4-01-002635 basicPremium-L 200w 12v 24v Solaranlage
1x instruction manual
including all components listed above

Datenblatt_Mono-V2-Module.pdf Download
Garantiebestimmung_Solarmodule.pdf Download
Datasheet_Mono-V2-modules.pdf Download
Ambient temperature: -40°C - +85°C
Average daily yield: 800Wh (expandable)
Cell efficiency: 22,3%
Cell type: monocrystalline
Included accessories: 55105,55109,55101
Included charge controller: Steca PR 3030
Manufacturer: Offgridtec
Max. System voltage: 1000 V/DC
Module voltage (VMP): 23,9V
Open circuit voltage (VOC): 28V
Product Type: Solar power system
Short circuit current (ISC): 4,4 A
Solar module - Format drill holes: 8 x 20 mm
Solar module - Number of cable entries: n.a.
Solar module - Terminal standard: n. a.
Solar module - cable length: 0,8 m
Solar module - cell type: SW monocrystalline
Solar module - diodes installed: 2x IOSQO50 Bypass Diode
Solar module - frame thickness: 1 mm
Solar module - junction box: PV-JB-018
Solar module - junction box (ABM): 100 x 77,5 x 25mm
Solar module - junction box (IP): IP65
Solar module - junction box (K max.): n.a.
Solar module - plug type: MC4
Solar module - size connection cable: 4 mm - 6 mm
Solar module - terminal connection: n.a.
System voltage: 12V DC
Tolerance: ±3%
Weight: 16,8 kg
max. current (IMP): 4,2 A
max. load current: 30A Reviews with
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Kann man statt der enthaltenen Solarmodule auch andere auswählen?
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