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Accessories / Small Parts

Here you will find our comprehensive selection of accessories and small parts to make the installation of your solar system efficient and optimised. Our high-quality products are designed to maximise the performance, reliability and longevity of your solar system.

Choose from our range of high-quality stainless steel nuts and washers to create robust and reliable connections. The premium material quality and versatile applications make these essential elements for a durable installation.

Our earthing clamps not only ensure a stable contact between the solar module and bracket, but also establish a reliable earthing connection. Safety and efficiency are the top priorities here.

At Offgridtec, we can provide you with comprehensive advice if you have any questions about your solar system and the necessary accessories. We are also happy to support you in your search for spare parts. Simply give us a call on 08721 91994-00 to get personalised advice from our team of experts.