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Before your sunlight-generated electricity can flow in your home, you need to take care of the professional installation of the solar panels. With us - in the Offgridtec online shop - you will find everything you need to mount your solar panels professionally and to put your solar panel into operation easily and without complications!

Solar modules and their mounting: Mounting types at a glance

Certainly the easiest way to install your solar panel is to hire a solar installer to do it for you. However, to save costs, you can also carry out the installation yourself. However, bear in mind here that this is a big task with a lot of effort, as you should definitely acquire specialist knowledge to prevent improper installation.

It should also be explicitly mentioned that incorrect electrical installation can lead to fatal injuries and serious damage to the solar system!

No matter where you plan to mount your PV module, we will supply you with the right mounting system!

Solar panel mounting on the pitched roof

You can operate your PV system to your tiled roof with the help of

  • Roof hooks
  • Solar rails and
  • Module clamps

You will find all the necessary parts and matching accessories in our online shop!!

Mounting your solar panel on the flat roof

Mounting the solar panels on a flat roof requires an elevation to guarantee the optimum angle of incidence of the sun and to produce as much energy as possible!

Balcony power station: attachment to the balcony railing

You can attach photovoltaic systems to your balcony railing easily and without a specialist using a rack. To do this, use a balcony bracket and profile rails for your solar modules.

Solar module mounting for concrete balconies and facades

Solar modules are attached to a balcony or façade by drilling holes and installing brackets with set-up angles. The solar modules are then placed and screwed in place.

Mounting the solar panel on the car roof

If you want to attach your caravan solar panel to the roof of the car, it depends on the type of solar panel you have. If you have chosen flexible solar panels, you can simply glue them to your car roof; if you have rigid panels, you will need to attach them with a bracket.

Buy suitable mounting for solar panel online at Offgridtec

The installation of a PV system is a big project! We at Offgridtec will advise you comprehensively with our know-how if you have questions about the assembly of your solar system or if you need help finding the necessary accessories.

We support you with our many years of experience and expertise. Call us without obligation on +49 8721 91994-00 or send us an email at [email protected] and let us convince you of our products.


  1. How are PV modules fixed? This depends on the installation location and the type of solar modules. Rigid solar modules are usually installed using a mounting device, whereas flexible modules can be glued to a substrate.
  2. How do I mount a solar module on a flat roof? To install your solar modules on a flat roof, you need an elevation for the optimal angle of incidence. This fixes the modules in place with a metal frame.
  3. How are solar modules fixed to trapezoidal sheet metal? The modules are fixed to racks, which in turn are screwed into the trapezoidal roof.
  4. How many roof hooks are needed per solar module? You should use 4 roof hooks per solar module to create a good base for your system.