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Foldable Solar Panels

The foldable solar modules (PV modules) from Offgridtec are the perfect solution for any outdoor activities. Whether you're travelling in a camper van or a tent, you have the freedom to power yourself wherever you go. Discover the practical advantages of our foldable PV modules now and make your next outdoor adventure even more enjoyable!

Foldable solar modules: Practical solar system for home and on the road

Foldable solar modules or solar cases are lightweight solar modules mounted on a flexible material. They can be folded into a small space for easy storage and offer the same capacity as framed glass modules, but have the added advantage of taking up less space.

Types of mobile solar panels

Mobile solar systems are available in various sizes and designs. Solar cases and tarpaulins, for example, are sufficient for many mobile applications. Here, the electrical energy generated must be consumed immediately. In the case of solar generators with storage systems, on the other hand, the electricity generated can be stored for a later time.

Areas of application for a foldable solar panel: Outdoor activities

Solar panels that are foldable and mobile are perfect for camping with a caravan or tent. This way you are self-sufficient on the road and can operate many different devices. You don't need any assembly materials, nor do you have to struggle with complicated assembly instructions. Simply find a sunny spot, set up the panel and connect the cable to the 12 V on-board battery. You can also install additional solar panels for your motorhome on the roof. Get the most out of your camping holiday with the practical foldable solar panels.

Buy Offgridtec Foldable Solar Panel with 50/100W/160W/200W/400W online

Experience the ultimate in convenience and quality with our modern, foldable solar modules. Our PV modules are specially designed to provide you with reliable, efficient energy wherever you are. Visit our online shop now to find the perfect model for your needs.

We will be happy to support you in your decision and also answer any questions you may have on the subject of mobile power supply. Call us directly on +49 8721 91994-00 or email us your enquiry at [email protected].


  1. What are flexible solar modules good for? Foldable solar panels are a perfect solution for self-sufficient power supply when camping with a caravan or tent. For such outdoor activities, the flexible panels are a must!
  2. How useful are mobile solar systems? Mobile solar systems are a very sensible solution for supplying yourself with electricity on the road. You can save yourself a lot of detours and money and enjoy a more flexible holiday.
  3. Which are the most powerful solar modules? The solar modules available from us come in many designs. Their power ranges from 50W to a powerful 400W..
  4. How does a foldable solar module work? Foldable solar modules work similarly to permanently installed photovoltaic systems. They can be connected to 12V rechargeable batteries or lithium batteries via cables or connected to the car battery of a motor home.