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Our Offgridtec HomePremium solar systems are characterised by their versatility and can not only serve as reliable UPS backup solutions, but can also be used optimally as self-consumption systems. Installation is particularly user-friendly, as all components are designed according to the plug-and-play principle.

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The HomePremium systems from Offgridtec

Our first-class systems offer a holistic solution that goes beyond high-quality power electronics, efficient storage and first-class solar modules. They include all the components needed for a smooth connection. This comprehensive package not only enables effortless installation, but also the reliable integration of renewable energy into your home. With Offgridtec, you can rely on comprehensive technology that guarantees you a sustainable and efficient energy supply.

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Create your own source of clean energy with Offgridtec's HomePremium systems! Our innovative solutions are designed to lower your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint so you can make a positive impact on the environment.

We offer comprehensive advice and customised solutions tailored to your needs. Find out today what options are available to you and start benefiting from your self-sufficient power source soon.

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  1. Who are HomePremium systems suitable for? HomePremium systems from Offgridtec are ideal for homeowners who are looking for an uncomplicated and sustainable solar solution.
  2. Where can HomePremium systems be used?
    Our practical systems can be used in a wide range of applications:
    - Emergency power supply
    - off-grid solar systems (stand-alone systems)
    - UPS systems
  3. What are the special features of the HomePremium? The HomePremium systems from Offgridtec impress with their simple plug-and-play style installation and the fact that they are fully equipped with all the necessary components.
  4. What is the difference between 1-phase and 3-phase? Three-phase systems utilise three separate phases of electricity, whereas single-phase systems only use one phase; this enables more efficient energy distribution in larger buildings with higher energy requirements.