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At Offgridtec you will find an impressive variety of first-class products from respected manufacturers in the solar industry as well as an exclusive selection of our own carefully developed items. Our extensive range includes solar panels, inverters, batteries, mounting systems and more - everything you need for your solar and off-grid projects.

Our manufacturers' products are characterised by quality, efficiency and innovation. In addition, we offer our own line of products based on our in-depth expertise and passion for reliable, high-performance solar technologies. Dive in and discover the future of solar energy in our extensive brand category.


We proudly present our own Offgridtec brand in our product range. We are known for high-quality solar modules in various sizes and power capacities. We also manufacture batteries that are designed for reliability and high performance. In addition, we also offer cables from our in-house cable factory.

Our products are designed to combine quality, durability and efficiency and are used in a wide range of scenarios, from residential buildings and mobile homes to various areas of solar technology.

Victron Energy

Our range also includes products from Victron Energy, a leading brand in the field of energy management solutions for mobile and stationary applications. Our range includes voltage converters, powerful inverters and multifunctional device combinations from the MultiPlus series. Victron Energy stands for industry-leading quality, reliability and innovative technology that maximises energy efficiency.


Growatt is a renowned brand in our range, from which we offer a variety of energy products, including batteries, inverters and EV chargers. The brand is synonymous with innovation and quality, which is evident in their reliable solutions for energy generation and storage. Customers value Growatt for the performance of their products and their ability to facilitate the integration of renewable energy. Growatt's technology enables our customers to integrate efficient and sustainable energy solutions into their everyday lives.

PV products at Offgridtec

In our online shop you will find many products from well-known manufacturers as well as an exclusive selection of products from our own production, which are based on years of expertise and offer high-quality solutions for solar applications.

Do you have any questions? We will be happy to advise you and help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Contact us by phone on 08721 91994-00 or by email at [email protected].


  1. Which brands can be found in the Offgridtec online shop? In the Offgridtec online shop you will discover a wide range of brands, including our own products as well as renowned brands such as Victron, Pylontech and Bluetti.
  2. What products does Offgridtec manufacture? Offgridtec produces solar modules and batteries, among other things, and puts together customised complete systems for a wide range of requirements.
  3. Which solar technology brand is the best? The best brand for solar products is subjective and depends on individual requirements and needs.
  4. How many brands does the Offgridtec range include? We currently have products from over 28 different brands in our range and are constantly expanding our brand diversity.