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The Autark M-Master is the medium sized complete system of the Autark family and delivers an average daily yield of 800 watt hours between March and October. The generated power is stored in the cycle-proof 122Ah agm battery - the high-quality charge controller with integrated display gives you information about the charge status of the battery while your 230v consumers can be operated at the sine wave voltage converter. Of course, the whole thing is delivered including a professional connection cable kit - plug it together and get started. The system is suitable for a wide range of applications - from 12v lighting, charging laptop, cell phone and camera batteries and other small consumers, to 230v household appliances with a maximum continuous power of 1000w (15min)

Features of the Autark M-Master

  • If required, module side expandable by 2 x 100w with low installation effort
  • Average daily yield between March and October: approx. 800wh (approx. 66Ah)
  • Plug & Play ready-to-connect system - plug together and go
  • Allows operation of 12v and 230v loads, as well as 5v usb consumers
  • usb charging possibility directly at the charge controller (max. 2,4A)
  • Easy to read lcd display informs about all operating parameters
  • Flexible mounting possibility thanks to 8m connection cable from module to controller
  • Extensive electronic protection functions, such as overload protection, overtemperature protection, undervoltage shutdown, short-circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, etc.
  • rs485 communication port on the voltage transformer offers extensive configuration possibilities via pc (interface cable rs485 to usb included)
  • Charge controller enables temperature compensated charging - temperature sensor included in delivery
  • Configurable 12v load output at the charge controller for loads up to max. 30a - suitable e.g. for lighting control

Application areas

This complete system can be used in many ways. Whether as a stationary system on the mountain hut or in the allotment garden - the permanent operation of small coolers and refrigerators, as well as the charging of cell phones and laptops succeeds easily with this system. The installation on the motor home is also conceivable - we also have the corresponding brackets and adhesive sets for the attachment.

Extensive connection options

  • 230v ac 50hz 1000w (15min - 1000w / permanent - 800w / short time (starting currents) - 1600w) Schuko socket on the sine wave voltage converter
  • 12v consumer output with 30a power directly at the charge controller
  • 2 x usb charging port at the charge controller with max. 2.4a (total)
  • 1 x usb charging port at the voltage converter with max. 1a power

Parts list - what's inside

Roof mount for the solar module

Since there are different requirements for the mounting of a module and this varies greatly depending on the type of roof, the systems of the Autark series are not equipped with a roof mount as standard. This can of course be purchased additionally - find suitable suggestions here:

Scope of delivery:

1x Solaranlage Autark M-Master with 2x100w solar panel, 30a pwm charge controller with lcd display and usb ports, 1000w sine wave voltage converter, 122Ah agm battery, user manuals

1-01-010920_Bedienungsanleitung.pdf Download
Offgridtec_Aufbau Solaranlage_Info Broschüre.pdf Download
Betriebsanleitung - Gebrauchsanweisung - Garantie - AGM + Gel Akku.pdf Download
Datasheet_Mono-V2-modules.pdf Download
Datenblatt_PWM-Pro_DE.pdf Download
Datenblatt_Mono-V2-Module.pdf Download
4-01-002670_Autark_M-Master_200W.pdf Download
Ambient temperature: -40°C - +85°C
Average daily yield: 800Wh (expandable)
Battery capacity (SOC50): 858Wh (expandable)
Battery type: AGM battery
Capacity 10hr: 120Ah (12A,1.75V)
Capacity 20hr: 122Ah (6.1A,1.75V)
Cell efficiency: 22,3%
Cell type: monocrystalline
Connection options: 230V consumer, 12V/DC
Continuous output: 1000 W
Included Battery: Offgridtec© 122Ah / 12V AGM Solar Battery
Manufacturer: Offgridtec
Max. System voltage: 1000V DC
Module voltage (VMP): 23,9 V
Open circuit voltage (VOC): 28V
Peak performance: 2000 W min. 20 ms for start-up or cold currents
Power (PMAX): 100W
Product Type: Solar power system
Short circuit current (ISC): 4,4 A
Sine wave: true sine wave
Solar module - Format drill holes: 8 x 20 mm
Solar module - Number of cable entries: n.a.
Solar module - Terminal standard: n. a.
Solar module - cable length: 0,8 m
Solar module - cell type: SW monocrystalline
Solar module - diodes installed: 2x IOSQO50 Bypass Diode
Solar module - frame thickness: 1 mm
Solar module - junction box: PV-JB-018
Solar module - junction box (ABM): 100 x 77,5 x 25mm
Solar module - junction box (K max.): n.a.
Solar module - plug type: MC4
Solar module - size connection cable: 4 mm - 6 mm
Solar module - terminal connection: n.a.
System voltage: 12V DC
Tolerance: ±3%
Voltage regulation: 12V DC / 230V AC
max. current (IMP): 4,2 A
max. load current: 30A Reviews with
Kann dieses Set um weitere Solarmodule (z.B. plus 2 Module) erweitert werden? Mfg
Ja, die Autark M-Master kann um zwei weitere 100W 12V Mono Solarmodule erweitert werden.
Kann man statt der enthaltenen Solarmodule auch andere auswählen?
Gerne können wir auf Anfrage Ihren individuellen Änderungswünschen nachkommen. Wenden Sie sich dazu am besten per E-Mail an [email protected].
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