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Our low-priced 300W solar construction kit. This low-cost version comes without prefabricated cables and relys on simple but solid charge controller technology without displays.
The outcome is a very favourable price.

1 x Offgridtec 130W 12v solar module mono
1 x 12V 10A Steca Solsum 10.10F charge controller
1 x battery to charge controller connection cable (2x6mm²)
1 x 15m Helukabel solar cable 4mm²
1 x pair of Multi-Contact MC4-plugs (4mm²)
1 x pair of ferrules (4mm²)

This construction-kit is the basis for a 12V solar system. The charge controller's output provides 10A 12V current for your consumers. This is a very versatile set that includes everything to charge a 12V battery.

The 130W solar panel produces an annual average output of about 520Wh daily. More on sunny days, less on rainy ones. Also other factors like temerature, installation angle or climatic conditions may effect the amount of produced energy.

Bedienungsanleitung_Solsum-10.10F.pdf Download
Average daily yield: 520Wh (expandable)
Cell type: monocrystalline
Connection options: 12V/DC
Included accessories: 55105,55109,55108
Included charge controller: Steca Solsum 10.10F
Manufacturer: Offgridtec
Module voltage (VMP): 20 V
Open circuit voltage (VOC): 24 V
Power (PMAX): 130W
Product Type: Solar power system
Short circuit current (ISC): 7,02 A
System performance: 130W (expandable)
System voltage: 12V DC
max. current (IMP): 6,5 A
max. load current: 10A Reviews with
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