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The BIG-M 12V / 130W / 122Ah produces about 520Wh clean energy during summer. With a battery discharge of 50% you can use 732W each day and ensure a high battery life-span at the same time.

Energy production and storage
This system produces a daily output of about 520Wh during summer - about 40 - 100 during winter. Reference site for the measurement was Hamburg - the further you
go south the more output can be expected.
On sunny days the output clearly exceeded the average.

The included Steca PR 3030 charge controller is designed for high requirements and allows the extention of the system by up to 4 x 130W modules. Therefore even in winter enough energy can be produced.
Charge controllers out of the Steca PR series come with a LCD-display and a huge range of functions.

What can be supplied?
The system is designed to supply small 12V consumers like laptops, smart phones, 12V TVs or simply lamps. Such consumers can even be run together for several hours.
You can also add a 230V inverter to your system to even expand its functionality.

1 x Offgridtec 130W Mono solar panel
1 x 122Ah AGM Longex battery
1 x Steca PR 3030 charge controller with LCD-display
1 x 8m professional module connection cable (2x6mm²) - Plug & Play with Multi-Contact-connectors for a safe solar system
1 x professional battery cable (2x6mm²) with 30A-fuse

Bedienungsanleitung_PR3030.pdf Download
4-01-005305_BIG-L_130W.pdf Download
Average daily yield: 520Wh (expandable)
Battery type: AGM battery
Connection options: 12V/DC
Included Battery: Offgridtec© 122Ah / 12V AGM Solar Battery
Included charge controller: Steca PR 3030
Manufacturer: Offgridtec
System voltage: 12V DC Reviews with
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