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The minibms from Victron Energy (mpn bms400100000) is a simple and cost-effective alternative to the VE.Bus bms and can replace the VE.Bus bms in several applications. Important exceptions here are VE.Bus devices such as the Multiplus and Quattro series, because the minibms does not have its own VE.Bus port, unlike the VE.Bus bms. The minibms is designed for use with Victron Smart liFePo4 batteries with m8 round connector and has two outputs similar to the ve.bus bms. The operating voltage range is 9 - 70 VDC.

Core tasks of the Victron minibms

  • Switching off or disconnecting loads in the event of imminent undervoltage
  • Switching off or disconnecting battery chargers in the event of imminent cell overvoltage or overtemperature

"load Disconnect" (disconnect load)

The "load Disconnect" output is normally high and is set to "free floating" when a cell undervoltage is imminent. Maximum current: 2A.

The load Disconnect output can be used to control the following functions:

  • remote on/off switching of a load and/or
  • remote on/off switching of an electronic load switch (BatteryProtect) )

"Charge Disconnect" (charge disconnect)

The Charge Disconnect output is normally high and will free float when a cell overvoltage or overtemperature is imminent. Maximum current: 10 mA.

The Charge Disconnect output can be used to control the following functions:

  • remote on/off switching of a charger
  • and/or a Cyrix-li charger relay
  • and/or a Cyrix-li-ct battery coupler

The "System on/off" input

The input "System on/off" controls both outputs. If it is off, both outputs are switched to "free floating". The loads and chargers are therefore switched off. The "System on/off" input has two connections: Remote l and Remote h. Between l and h, a remote on/off switch or a relay contact can be connected. Alternatively, terminal h can be connected to a battery positive terminal or l to a battery negative terminal

scope of delivery:

1x Victron Energy bms400100000 minibms
1x instruction manual

Victron_BMS400100000_Anleitung.pdf Download
Victron_miniBMS_Datenblatt_DE.pdf Download
Ambient temperature: -20°C - +50°C
Dimensions: 10,6 x 4,3 x 2,3 cm
Manufacturer: Victron Energy
Protection type: IP20
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 0,06 Kg
ean: 8719076043485
mpn: BMS400100000 Reviews with
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